Welcome to Class

I didn't take his hand. I just turned away awkwardly and ran. 

So, I was kind of mean to the human politician's son, so what? He deserved it. 

I still felt kind of bad as I walked away.

Oh well.

*             *               *

A tinny school bell rang, signaling the official start of the day's classes.

Twenty-four nervous first year students funneled into the boring, sand colored classroom. They looked around, scrutinized each other, hesitated and then took their seats.  It was strange - the students had segregated, elves on the left side, humans on the right, akward half children in the middle - and it happened as if by instinct. 

Leo was really wishing he was at home. He scanned the classroom for anyone slightly familiar. The girl who he had tried to talk to saw him and ducked her head. 

Sophia, who had claimed the very last seat on the elf side - always a little rebellious - was watching the other students as they filed in. And there he was, again, looking just as lost as before. Ugh! She thought, ducking her head trying to avoid his sad look. This year is going to be so awkward.

The door flew open. A very tall, obviously elvish, man stormed into the room.

His silvery hair was loosely held by a cord, his face was angular. He wore traditional elvish clothing - a loose white shirt, tight dark blue trousers, flat shoes, and a mid length cape. It was such a strange look that is would have been humorous if the professor did not seem to have the disposition of a thunderstorm. 

This is going to be real fun, Sophia thought.

I am going to die soon, panicked Leo. 

The professor took a deep breath, making him seem even taller and more imposing. 

"Find your seats class!" He commanded. No one moved. No one breathed. 

"I said, find your seats, you insolent lumps of unfolded clay!" The students did not know how to react. They were in their seats. One hand went up.

"Yes?" he barked. A heavy half boy with rectangular glasses swallowed loudly.

"Uh, sir, we are in our seats." The classroom went silent. The professor glowered.

"You are mistaken. I do not teach segregated classrooms. Disperse yourselves! You may not sit directly by a person of your same race! " He barked. Twenty four confused students scrambled to find a seat.

Leo ran blindly to a seat and sat down. He looked to his left, and that girl was sitting next to him. Sophia realized with horror that she might actually have to apologize to the politician brat. 

"Now take out your booklets and begin your three thousand word essay. It will be due tomorrow!" 

Then teacher smiled - a feat all of the students were surprised by. He giggled a little.

"I am Professor Chriasok. Welcome to Advanced Elven History! Don't look so scared! I really am horrible as they say, but we'll grow to like each other by the end!"

A human girl raised her hand, "Is the essay still due?"

He sat down in his chair and began to laugh. "I love little first years!"

"And yes, it is."

The End

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