Sophia - New year

I watched out the window as a large group of new students formed. I say new students, they were my year but they were new as I’d lived in this god forsaken fortress since I was 10. I leant my head against the window pane and watched as a small fight broke out among a bunch of elves and a few humans. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention this is an elvish school. Luwin Haven a mixed race high school with the basis of Elvish culture. Perhaps not the most brilliant idea to make it a mix race school given that both races were on the brink of war, I think the idea was to try and socialise the next generation together to try and culture a generation at peace with each other but given what I was witnessing outside it didn’t really seem to be working.

I sighed and shrugged away from the window to look at the room I would soon be sharing with one of the new comers. Before I had my own little room off the staff room in an effort to keep me out of the way, now that I was being enrolled as a student I had to be moved into one of the little shared rooms in the student dorms. I glanced over my sparse possessions and sighed. Soon enough the gates would be open and I’d be back to keeping my head down and trying not to be noticed.

*                              *                              *

The great hall was packed as the new year group was being welcomed in. I shuffled round the back wall trying not to get noticed and kept my head down as the principal moved up onto the stage. “Welcome first years. It is a pleasure to see so many eager faces and welcome them into the walls of our school.” She smiled as her voice sang out over the crowd bringing the mindless chatter to a quiet. “as you may be aware this is the first year to contain such a high number of human students and I hope you will all welcome them into our culture as we continue to breach the divide between us,” I smirked, from what I could see outside and from many of the expressions in here that would be unlikely. “Now, classes begin in a week after introductions and orientation finishes. I do hope you will all push yourselves to the best of your abilities as we make our way through your first year. Please, follow your student guide to your dorm rooms where you will find your belongings have been safely taken and make sure you get to know your new roommate before heading down to lunch in the main canteen.”

Everyone turned to leave the hall to meet up with guides and make their way to dorms but I instead snuck out of the side door of the hall to make my way up ahead to my room. I moved along the corridor with the feeling that I was being followed.
I glanced behind me to see a human following. “Urmm... what are you doing?” I asked, confused.

“oh I uh... I thought you were going to a guide?” He said, also confused.

“n-no... you want to go that way.” I responded trying not to give too much away, “I uh... I needed to see someone else before I head up.” I was never a very good liar but I hoped that due to him not knowing me I’d get away with it.

“oh uh... ok,” he muttered “my name’s Leo by the way. He held his had out to greet me.

The End

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