Prologue- Departures.

In a world where Elvish and Human culture has coexisted forever, racial tensions are reaching a historical height. Following a fallout with his father, and his forced enrollment in an Elvish Boarding School, Leo (A human) finds himself at odds with local girl Sophia. As their tensions are mirrored in the two empires will things calm, or break into utter chaos?

There he was again, up on that podium. Seemed like his whole childhood his father had been up there, prattling economics this and immigration that. Leo had to give it to him today though, he was doing an excellent job of looking like a fool.

His salt and pepper hair had been combed and sleeked back, so that it looked nearly as shiny as his sweaty red brow. Lord Kennith Holder had never seemed such the hypocrite. For a man who’d preached anti-Elven sentiment for his entire career it was a ballsy move to come out to the public and announce his son would be attending an elven school for the next year.

The three Kennith brothers stood together, alongside their mother behind their father as he continued on with his talk. All were in dressed immaculately. Then, suddenly, his father wasn’t talking anymore, and it was Leo’s turn to step up.

He’d thought about it long and hard. He could make a scene. He could reveal his father for the pig he truly was. But what he couldn’t do was embarrass his family like that, his brothers, his mother, they hadn’t done anything wrong… why should they be humiliated?

And so, Leo spoke. He told the masses crammed into the tight square that the move to Luwin Haven was his choice. He told the shadows of the skyscrapers that it would be useful for his family, his father and his people to further understand this culture that ran alongside their own. He told them that his father had fully supported this choice, and that he was thankful for the opportunity.

And then, it was over.

He stepped down into the waiting arms of his mother and the crushing hugs of his brothers. Emily, his father’s personal assistant, told him a car would be waiting for him on the other end of the portal. No word from Daddy dearest.

He followed them down the stairs, and into the portal station, where it was already open and waiting for him, with a little man in a red suit and black cap holding his bags off to the side. His life in Luwin Haven was about to begin.

The End

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