Lust at first bite.Mature

erotica in vampire form

Colette was walking home late from work, it was a warm summers night yet she felt a chill down her spine. There was this feeling like she was being followed but every time she turned round no one was there, she shook herself and put it down to too much caffine ,making her jumpy. 

That night she awoke from a dream to see a figure at the bottom of her bed, she could not scream and was not able to look away from his eyes. He was tall with chiseled features, almost illuminous grey eyes and long dark hair. Slowly he walked to her side of the bed not taking his eyes off her, he sat on the edge and cupped her face pulling her gently in for a kiss gently on the lips slipping his tongue between her lips before trailing kisses down her cheek to her neck then she felt a slight sting. Suddenly she felt a rush of pleasure as he drank from her veins making her moan out loud, it was the most pleasurable thing she had ever experianced until he found her sex with his had and started slowly circling her sex with his finger. Colette began to moan and move under his finger thrusting slightly with the rythm of his torment. He had stopped feeding off her blood and was now feeding another urge as he slid a finger inside her finding her g spot quickly making her gasp and exclaim he unbuttoned his pants and was nude in seconds, he removed her pants and trousers in one swift move then started to lick her sex to which Colette screamed with pleasure she could not stop herself writhing in pleasure and gripping tight on his long dark hair. He moved his tongue around hr sex and then every now and then dipping it inside her and rolling it before returing back. Colette could feel herself building up to orgasm and thrusted against his tongue then releasing herself into orgasm she thought she could handle no more. Then he penetrated deep inside her thrusting deep and hard making her cry out in pain and pleasure it was a heady mix. As he thrusted she dug her nails deep into his back and wrapped her legs tight round his waist, thrusting faster and harder she felt herself build and build till she cam so much she thought she might die from pleasure then as he pulled out she fell asleep from exhaustion.

The End

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