Lust personified.
Her ways and her deviousnes

I saw you from afar, heard about you, watched you closely in fear and respect because I knew not your ways though we had spent some moments together. Your disguise was that of a professional, I heard.

You seem so calm and reserved, seeking not the trouble of anyone and yet just a startle agitates your calmness and brings you pouring on me like rain

Strange enough, your presence and your touch seems comforting; tickling every sensory spot in my mind and body. Heightening my emotions and leaving me bare and numb to any pure voice

Where from this bond that seems to bind us so well? I do not understand………….

Deducing from the behavior of our relationship, I realize there is something unique in me that responds to your call alone; some conjugate foci.

The soothing touch that keeps my heart and mind in a state of perpetual excitement.

Deep inside I acknowledge the ecstasy you bring, but deeper within I feel the end is dead and transforms into a trap.

 Two nights ago I remember you cared for me, caressed my imaginary hair and drove me high. Screaming in silence and seeing things that aren’t there. Fantasizing about butterflies, rib and dust formed creatures of all races

Two nights ago I caught your signal from the TV, but I ignored you because I was busy. My mind wasn’t ready. I heard you again on the radio but I was engrossed with what mum had asked me to do. Then you had to send the neighbors daughter to say hello. That indeed was very smart of you I must say because it worked like magic.

Like a lunatic my thoughts jumped into Disney land, focusing all my imaginative energy in things that kill me blindly.

Again I’m realistically alone and yet virtually surrounded by you. This is almost always an invasion.

Each time we have fun, each time you walk out of the palace in my mind I feel alone, used and I regret entertaining you but amidst this desire lies the anger and want.

 Is this witchcraft or my own desire to distort my own self psychologically?

 LUST, you are shrewd and I hate you.



The End

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