Lushife Nara

This is a story about Lushife Nara a water wielder from Lune Xian's (element Wielder collab) I like this character so much I thought up his background. Mind you he is a violent antihero and his past may be more violent then himself.

Lushife's mother was a water wielder who kept her powers will hidden from her husband who had been reading government propaganda as of late and had taken up a strong dislike to those "Filthy element wielders"

Lushife's father was never a caring father but things only got worse when he lost his job, and lost everything in a battle from a few element wielders who were trying to fight for equal rights. Now he spent his days in a drunken haze threatening anyone who came to close while Lushife was working for the rich land owner as cleaning boy at the age of five. His mother was slaving to feed the land owners family as Lushifes father wasted away with his cynical views, taking his anger out on Lushife who began to think love had something to do with alot of yelling holding fists.

While Lushife was washing dishes he realized his ability and unknowingly exposed himself and his mother. His father found out soon after in anger and disappointment he slashed at Lushife's mother cutting her fair tanned skin, spraying blood till the floor. Lushife was not horrified as she fell to her knees. No Lushife did not see this as unnatural but rather a truth to life, and love. His father rounded on him grabbing him by the neck.

"The people closest to me lied!" He screamed," All of you elemental wielders are liars, killers , thieves, cowards! I will bring the both of you to the branders!" He spat not able to bring himself also slash Lushife, who was now very ashamed of himself for disapoint his father, but at the same time glad to receive his fathers hateful love. 

At the branders he was treated like filth as they took a red hot brand on his forehead inscribing "human" With an X going through it symbolizing his inhuman qualities. Little did know what he believed to be a kindness was a curse. Little did he know that violence was not what he thought was loved. A year later with abuse now coming from Lushife's father, and now land owner.  Lushife managed to scrape by while his mother turned on him too out of spite for blowing her cover before running away. only to be brought back by a few soldiers who gloated on their capture and beat her terribly before Lushife's eyes, then he was told she wasn't even worth raping. After the soldiers had their fun with his mother they cut her in half, before rounding on the six year old boy.

His father watched as if he was losing some sort of burden. They kicked him against ready to beat him to death. However Lushife's views on the world were so warped he decided he had enough of having the love (violence) brought down on him  that he would be the one delivering the love (Violence). He stood up his red eyes filled with anger, and hatred his mothers blood began to bubble through his hatred, and love (Violence). The soldier's were unaware that they would fall victim to what they thought was a defenceless child that had foolishly stood back up again. 

"Mother you should be glad that I found a use for your blood." He babbled as he fashioned his mothers blood into multiple points and rammed it through the two soldiers bodies killing them instantly.  His father began to run for the door, he took this as an offence to his and his mothers deep love.

"How dare you!" He cursed sending a blasting force of blood through the wooden wall pinning his cowardly father on the wall," Crush him!" He screamed and watched with joy as his bother was pulverized into mush.

On this night the true inhuman side awoke in Lushife and as time progressed he learned that his ways were wrong and killing was not away to show love but the damage on his physce had been done. He was branded as the demon wielder as the numbers of soldiers and civilians escalated. He was a perfect reason to begin the hunts on elemental wielders.

The End

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