Chapter III

On the coast of Newfoundland, there was a headquarters for soldiers in the Canadian Army specializing in more... unusual cases. It was here that Adam's voice had been beamed to, and here that the one who had talked to him stood, thinking about what he had just heard.

Colonel Davidson was his name. He was wide shouldered, with a hardy face and years of experience in his dark brown eyes.

Green stains? And why was everything ruined? He thought. He looked over the many complicated diagrams and equipment at his table.

Suddenly he was aware of another presence in his proximity. He turned, and was confronted by Major Hank Wilton, the highest ranking officer in the Headquarters.

Davidson saluted, and then spoke, "Hello, sir. What can I do for you?"

"I need to know what Adam's report held. Anything interesting?" The major had a deep, gravelly voice.

"Not really, sir. He said something about blood stains on the wall, and something green smeared all over the place... not clear on the details, but he didn't seem to eager to pull out." The Colonel paused to wipe his forehead with a blue tissue. "Quite a curious kid."

"I see. Well, keep an eye on him."

"He's out of range. There's no way of knowing where he is or what he's doing, sir." The Colonel replied.

"Hmm..." The Major didn't seem too pleased. "That will be all, then."

The Colonel saluted, and the Major left. Davidson turned back to his diagrams.



The End

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