Adam Walker is an elite Spec Ops soldier for the Canadian Army. He is sent on a mission to investigate strange sightings in the Atlantic Ocean, and discovers something much more sinister.

The empty laboratory stood silent, a memory of it's former glory. The dark tubes and strange mechanisms, once holding priceless scientific instruments and experiments, stood dark and forgotten.

Down the main hall running the length of the lab, past the doorframe where a faintly shimmering "Authorized Personnel Only" sign hung lobsided and broken, in a room restricted to all but the highest of the elite, was a tank. The tank was empty, and the shards of glass from where it was shattered lay shimmering on the floor, coated with blood, relfecting the faint, artificial light from the one bare bulb hanging in the center of the ceiling.

Obvious signs of a struggle spread across the walls of the room. Dried, caked on blood smeared on walls and equipment long ago, both crimson human and sickly green inhuman.

The lab was one of seven devoted to a particular branch of science; mutation. This particular lab was located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, which, as it turned out, had not been a smart location.

In a small corner of the laboratory, a large hole had been made in the wood of the floor. The wood was rotting from rain and ocean water, made weak from years of abuse. if one were to look down at the hole, they would see twenty feet of air, and then the pitch black brine.

The End

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