lunar attic

"In this inclement weather, really? A nap? Doesn't seem wise at all. I'm not surprised."

"Why, my lady? The ship is barely rocking, and the sails are full of wind that pushes us forward with good speed. We are making good time."

"I think it is safe to call this a storm, captain. And a rather strong one at that. Your ill-placed bravado will not keep the ship from crashing onto rocks and whatnot. You can't argue the waves are tossing us around like... like a... oh, the words to describe it fail me!"

"I've seen storms, milady, and this ain't one. It's just the bowel movements of the sea; it will calm down in time. For now, all it means for someone in my current state of mind is that I must carefully strap myself onto my hammock so as not to fall down while I rest."

"Peculiar. I expected someone in a perpetual drunken stupor like yourself would be accustomed to waking up in strange circumstances. Like that bit of business in Bahmrein I've been hearing about every since I set foot on that dreary ship of yours."

"Beggars can't be choosers, milady. You seemed rather desperate to leave, as I recall. Be glad I took you on board at all."

"Oh, don't let my undue criticism get to you, captain. It's not my place to question a respectful fellow such as yourself. It's just that you had me naively believe I would reach my destination in the shortest amount of time possible."

"Do not worry.  I have urgent business to attend to, and we also need to restock. We shall be ready to leave this wretched port within a few short hours, before the dross of the place has had time to seep into your delicate clothes. It will not cause your travel undue delays, I assure you."

"Hmff. I guess I shall be seeing you, then."

"Aye... milady."


The End

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