Lunar mezzanine (dialogue try out)

Just a dialogue try out I wanted experiment with. See if I can capture as much story features in just dialogues. Suggestions are very much appreciated.


"Where will we be heading sir?"

"We have an engagement with some fine gentlemen on Parsan Mr. Delhi."

"We havin a business transaction then sir?"

"Indeed will we be having a trading of the sorts. But in what fashion it will occur I can only imagine."

"Why is that sir?"

"Well Mr Delhi, let’s just say that I am having my honest doubts about the uprightness of the man who set up this engagement. And the location is not so trustworthy either."

"Parsan is home to a fairly dispicuous crowd sir, if i may say so myself. Are we sure we want our ship to be faring to a place of the sorts?"

"We do not have a choice dear Mr Delhi, I assume you are aware of this pressing matter, the rest of the crew surely will be. And we have had our dealings with worse then anything that muddy moon inhabits"

"What about our load sir?"

"Surely the passengers will not underestimate the importance of restocking the kitchen supplies and they’ll be having the opportunity of aquinting oneself with new cultures. Always a treat for our tourists and the likes."

"I’ll be sure to tell them sir."

"I’ll be in my quarters."



"Captain, may I inquire about the reason why we are not heading straight to our promised destination?"

"Surely, my lady, I was just going to get some sleep and afterwards we can continue your interrogation."

"I was certainly not interrogating."

"True, inquiring you said, was it?"

"Captain, it is important for me to get to my destination as soon as possible and I trust you’ll see to that accordingly."

"Accordingly and respectfully my lady. Right after my nap".

The End

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