Forks High School

Jasper held my door for me as I got out of the car, with Alice leaning over his arm. “You’re gonna love Forks High, Luna!” Alice’s musical voice was slightly higher-pitched than usual.

“I hope so,” My smile didn’t seem to fool anyone. Edward slung his arm around Bella’s shoulders and headed straight for the entrance, with Rosalie following behind them. Emmett threw his arm around my shoulders and towed me along in the same direction.

“Don’t worry about Edward, Kidda,” Emmett’s ear to ear grin and light hearted tone were hard to doubt. “He’s just getting hormonal about the fact that you grew up with the Volturi, and yet you still manage to have a cleaner record than he does. I’m impressed, y’know? I thought only Jacob could make him this annoyed.”

“Hey!” Jacob suddenly piped up behind us.

“Well! ‘S true, ain’t it?”

It didn’t seem like a thing to be thrilled about achieving to me, but Emmett seemed impressed enough. The pace that Emmett set surprised me; it was just so slow. He was walking slower than the humans that were now strolling into the school. When we eventually reached the entrance, Jasper ducked in front of us to yank open the door.

Emmett pulled me through the doors faster than he’d walked, but still not extremely fast. He towed me to the reception desk, where a middle-aged woman sat; her glasses on the bridge of her nose. She looked up as we approached.

“This is Luna Cullen, my mother and father just fostered her. They did enrol her, but she needs her timetable and lesson passes,” Emmett even managed to be friendly with receptionists; another thing only Emmett could do.

“Oh yes, of course. Here you go, dear. This is your timetable, your map of the school, and your lesson passes. I’m sure your brother here can help you with anything else you may require.”

She wasn’t as polite as Mary was. Americans; they were all the same. I rolled my eyes at the thought of it. I gathered my papers and turned to leave. As I turned, the door opened and two men walked through it; a man and a boy. The smell that followed them set my throat on fire. My eyes flew open and my head snapped up to follow the scent; it was coming from the boy. I felt my mouth drop open as I looked at him.

He wasn’t particularly tall; perhaps around 5’ 7”. He was slim, but not overly skinny. His straight, sandy brown hair skimmed his chin, and framed his oval face. His black shirt and dark blue jeans didn’t stand out against the other people in the school, but I couldn’t remove my eyes. I knew that my mouth was still hanging open, but I couldn’t remember how to close it. He was the most beautiful boy I’d ever seen. His piercing blue eyes drifted to my face, and they shot open in shock. I tried desperately to regain the use of my body.

Emmett caught me by my right elbow with his right hand, pushed my jaw shut with the finger of his other hand, and put his left hand at the base of my back, He used at his force to push me forward. To a human the image could have been quite comical; a 6’ 0” block of muscle using his whole body to try to push a 5’ 3” slim sixteen year old girl along, and not getting anywhere. To me, it seemed irrelevant. Just as long as I could watch the boy with pale, blue eyes for a while longer.

The two men walked quickly past us; the boy’s gaze never leaving my face. His slightly opened mouth made his scent flow towards me even more. Could no one else smell him? Alice, Jasper, Emmett, Renesmee; they didn’t look up as the boy stumbled past us to the reception desk.

“This is Philip Highton. I called in to enrol him a while ago, but he doesn’t have a timetable yet,” The older man didn’t appear very friendly as he barked at the receptionist. I couldn’t see the need for him to be rude.

The woman behind the desk, clearly taken aback by the hostility in the man’s tone, spluttered as she tried to gather papers together. They landed on the desk with a thud. I was surprised at myself when the noise made me jump. The man scooped the papers up into his hands and thrust them into the boy’s chest.

“Here. Don’t get into trouble. I’ll see you at home. Be home before ten, Phil. I mean it,” The man had been slightly friendlier with the receptionist. The boy stumbled backwards as he threw his arms out to catch the papers; catching his foot on the edge of the carpet. Without thinking, I threw my arm out to catch him before he fell, but Emmett used the distraction to catch me and shove me in the other direction.

“We’ll be late for art,” Emmett mumbled at me as he yanked me along behind him.


School was different in Forks; the lessons were inside, for one thing. I couldn’t remember much of my human life, but Aro had always tried his best to create his own classrooms in the castle. Even with my father acting as my teacher, I’d found it extremely hard to concentrate. Aro’d had the idea to move our classes outdoors, and it worked like a charm. We would spend whole days sat in the Plaza; simply drawing and talking. The heat never bothered us too much, as we were always fairly cool anyway; one of the many perks to being a vampire.

I began to daydream of Italy in each class; daydreams of shorts, big sun hats, the black cloaks that I never wore... I’d never imagined I would miss the city of Volterra; never, until I was no longer there. This would be a long day...


As we walked back to the car lot, I began to wonder how the boy from this morning, Phil, had found his first day. I remembered the flawless features of his face as we walked; wondering if anyone could really be as beautiful as I remembered him to be. The boy next to our Volvo answered my question with a definite ‘yes’. His sandy brown, shoulder length hair caught in the wind as he opened the door of his Mini and climbed in; setting my throat on fire with thirst.

My eyes shot wide as the fire burned stronger. Shudders rolled down my spine as the wind blew more strongly towards me; embedding his scent deeper into my mind. Alice stepped smoothly between Phil and me, whispering in my ear, “His future just disappeared. Get in the car before you become the reason for that.”

The End

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