First Night

It was odd not to be the only vampire in the house that actually slept, but I didn’t mind; Aro had always let me sleep alone. I smiled to myself as I remembered the first time I’d accidentally called Aro ‘Oreo’. The Cullens had been surprisingly nice. It was clear that they all loved each other very much, and I was still thrown slightly as to where I would fit. Everyone had their partner; their ‘soul mate’, but I had no one. I’d never been the pretty girl, or the skinny girl, or the noticed girl really, but I’d somehow seen that change when I became a vampire. I was extremely grateful to Aro for saving me, and I always would be, but when I was alone at night it was hard not to wonder what my life could have been like. The pale moonlight shone in through the side wall, as it was made of glass, and glittered off my bare arms.

I’d always been different, even when I was still human, so it was only natural that I should be different to other vampires. They glittered in the sun, yet I glittered in the moonlight. They drank blood and nothing else, yet I ate human food. I sometimes thought I was more human than vampire. As I watched the beams of light dance off my skin, my mind wandered. I wondered how I would handle high school tomorrow; so many humans. I ate human food, but I was still a vampire; my thirst always burned away at the back of my throat. Bella’s control should help me, but how much could it really help? What if I attacked someone? I was unsure if the Cullens would stop me before I got out of control. I had to hope.

The End

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