The flame torched my neck and I screamed out for someone, anyone, to take it away. Why couldn’t anyone hear me? I could feel it getting bigger and bigger as it spread through my hair and caught on my clothes. It covered my whole head now, and I writhed in pain. The fire must’ve been huge, and the chair had been wooden, so why could no one see it? It spread slowly down my body, and I tore at any piece of skin I could find. The scratches and nips that I was inflicting on myself seemed mild in comparison; the fire was too hot.

I screamed for help, for someone to put the fire out, but the burning didn’t go away. Why was no one helping me? I screamed at the top of my lungs as the flames made their way down my arms. I threw my arms at my face and tore at them with my teeth. I was surprised how hard my skin was, yet how easily my teeth sank through it. The pain from the tear seemed to make the fire hotter, but I couldn’t stop. I bit my way down my entire body, until I could no longer move under the flame.

There was only one place in my whole body that didn’t burn; my heart. I tried my hardest to bend my neck toward it, but the flame pinned me to the chair. I fought against it with everything I had, but I stayed pinned to the chair. I wondered how long I’d been burning for with no one noticing. My screaming hadn’t seemed to attract anyone’s attention, yet I felt as if eyes were watching me. I strained my ears to listen for voices, footsteps, breathing; any indication that I wasn’t alone in the room.

I tried to force my eyes open, but they felt as if they were glued together. I threw myself onto my side, and I felt the air rush past me as I fell to the ground. The fire burning on the throne should have felt further away now, but there was no difference. I felt a pair of strong arms wrap around me, and the soft cushions of the chair were suddenly underneath me again. Did these people want me to die? The heat didn’t cool, but the fire raging in my head slowly began to subside. They must’ve noticed me and were now trying to put out the fire, but the fire was only disappearing from the top of my head. I screamed for them to put out the rest of the fire, but only my head was cooling down.

As it slowly moved down toward my neck, I felt my feet cooling. But another fire, a much worse fire than before, was now starting to burn in my heart. As the burning in my heart increased, the speed at which the rest of my body was cooling increased. I screamed in pain as my heart began to feel increasingly close to its final beat. I screamed until my throat couldn’t take anymore. The fire in the rest of my body had now cooled, but its previous heat seemed mild compared to the fire now burning in my heart. I screamed with everything I had as my heart froze; froze as it beat for the last time.

The End

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