Lunar Eclipse

Following on from Breaking Dawn. Luna's parents admit her to a psychiatric hospital. She escapes and is found by three nomads. She is saved by Aro, but leaves Italy for Forks.


I’d never really given much thought as to how I would die, and in some ways I guess I was already dead, but dying in the place of someone I love? It seems like a pretty good way to go. I had no reason to regret the decision to leave my safe home – the reason that had brought me here. I’d found myself, in more ways than one, with the Cullens. I knew who I was, and who I wanted to be. I’d discovered the reason for my lack of memory, discovered the reason why I’d been cast out years ago. But more than that, I had discovered love. I’d now come full circle. My father had saved me from these three trackers two years ago; I wouldn’t be so fortunate this time. The door swung gently open at the slightest of touches, and I passed swiftly underneath the doorframe. I heard the screams from across the room, and turned to stare into the blood red eyes of the three hooded creatures behind me.

The End

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