Chapter 1 Part 2

I woke up with Champ, my crazy neighbor’s dog, lying across my stomach, head resting on a fallen branch. Maybe this would have been considered cute if he wasn’t a mammoth 200 pound Bull Mastiff. That's why instead of thinking “aw how sweet” I was instead left gasping for air and scrambling to get up. Champ lifted his big, blocky head when he noticed my spastic movements, gave me a wet kiss on the face, and removed his body from my abdomen.

      Without a thought my hand flew to my chest, expecting the fabric of my shirt to be burnt or ripped or something. Instead the cotton was perfectly intact, maybe just a bit more wrinkled than before.

      Since there was no immediate evidence of a burn I began thinking that maybe this had all been a dream. I mean, the storm had obviously happened, there was evidence of that every way you looked, but when that thing touched me it felt like all my flesh was burning away. I felt a bit sore, but that could have easily been from Champ using my body as his personal mattress.     Besides, being sore was nothing like the pain of having your skin melted off. I must have imagined it. Still, I figured I should take a look just to confirm that I had officially gone insane.

      “You looks like you just seen yourself a ghost,” called my weird hick neighbor as I stood contemplating my sanity.

      I shook my head, “Weird storm, huh?”

The End

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