Chapter 1 Part 1

On his 18th birthday Rainer Lunam finds out he isn't just an ordinary teenage boy. He's an angel, and it his duty to help rid the world of demons. Now that Rain has been named leader of all the angels on earth, a war starts brewing with the Hybrids, humans who inject themselves with demon blood to gain immortality. And if that wasn't enough, he may have just turned into a werewolf.

Ever had one of those moments you knew would change your life forever? Where you think, after this, nothing will ever be the same? And everything just sort of falls apart? My entire eighteenth birthday was one of those moments. And I am not just talking about the storm. The storm that came out of nowhere on a clear blue spring day. No, I'm not talking about that. My world fell apart when I was outside in that storm, dodging falling debris as I tried to catch my neighbors terrified dog and bring him in to safety. It fell apart when all of a sudden it seemed like I was cased in a protective bubble, because the debris refused to hit me, and light had begun streaming through the black clouds overhead. I had paused, wondering for a brief moment why the rubble had changed its course. And even though the light was getting brighter and brighter over my head, everywhere else was still stuck under those murderous black clouds.

      But I would have to say that the exact moment my world fell apart was when a mighty figure started descending through my personal hole of sun. It came slowly, and seemed entirely made of light.

      The thing stopped and hovered right in front of me. It reached a giant hand out, and in a jerking motion it pressed its palm flat against my chest. And as my skin started to melt away under its touch, is exactly when my world fell apart.

The End

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