Meanwhile on earth

Ricardo: So you ordered your girl.

Me: Yea.

Ricardo: Which is the antichrist.

Me: Uh-huh

Ricardo: To have sex

Me: Of course.

Ricardo: With Asa and I.

Me: Yep...




Ricardo: Why are you turning her into a prostitute that fucks for free?

Me: No i'm not! Just this once so you can experience the wonders of having sex with the antichrist.

Ricardo: But she's YOUR girl. I don't want to have sex with taken girls.

Me: I'm giving you this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Ricardo: And I don't want it.

Nick jumps down from a helicopter in the sky landing clean on his feet

Nick: What up guys. What ya'll doing here?

Me: Hey Nick.

Ricardo: Were waiting on Asa.

Nick: Asa here!? Aw thats whats up.

Me: So what you been doing?

Nicking: Training till I drop everyday for no good reason. You never know what could happen in the future.

Ricardo: That's real.

Nick: So where Asa?

Me: He will be here eventually. What do you even do?

Nick: "summons a ball of fire with the tip of his index finger" I'm a flame God. You know the flame warrior that protects the fruit of knowledge?

Me: Yea.

Nick: Well he gave me his power to help.

Me: What?! But how?!

Nick: How else? He chose me.

Ricardo: Thats uh... Something.

Nick: So what do you guys do?

Me: "lifts him up using levitation" I'm physic. It was an experiment gone wrong.

Ricardo: Your lucky to be alive. Most people don't survive those type of things.

Luna and Asa appears with Luna carrying him by the collar with him all scratched up.

Luna: IM BACK!

Asa: I died... But came back... But died again... But came back... "passes out"

Luna: "chuckles and sets him down" Ricaaaardoooo?

Ricardo: "jumps" I-Im cool! I-I-I-I-I don't need it!

Luna: C'mon Ricardo.

Ricardo: I'm good!

Nick: Screw it. "walks next to Luna" I'll take his place then.

Luna: Is this ok my beloved future Prince?

Me: ... Fine.

They both vanish. Ricardo and I then walked to Asa looking down at him.




Me: Is he dead?

Ricardo: He looks like it.

Me: Death by Snuu-Snuu.

Ricardo: Wait, he's breathing...

Me: Hey, lets Jack his phone.

Next thing you know Asa's grabbing me by the collar

Asa: DON'T "the camera closes up a little" TOUCH "the camera closes up more" THE SHOES! "a twinkle occurs on his head as a sweatmark occurs from mine"

Me: ... Mercy...

Luna then appears with Nick all scratched up

Luna: He quit.

Nick: "frightened" Too...many...slut... Demons...

Me: Uhhhhh...

Luna: "walks next to me" There.

Me: Uh. Thank you?

Luna: "kisses me" Your welcome love.

Nick: She's the...

Asa: Yes, we all know.

Luna: So what do you want me to do know master?

Me: Please Luna. You don't have to call me master. Call me what you want to call me. Or my name, Julius.

Luna: Ok master. "hugs me tight"


Luna: Yes master. Boobies.

Me: Boobies.

Luna: ok master.

Me: Your boobies or so...soft... "falls asleep"

Asa: Aaaaand he's out again.

Luna: ... "snuggles on me" Take a deep rest... "smiles"

The End

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