Five souls in particular illuminate the coast of Long Island, New York, each oblivious to the spectacular light show they put on for galactic observers. Stefan Lind, of particular luminescence, is cursed with the crooked nose that has been passed on through generations of his fathers. It was all he could think about nine years ago today as he awaited the arrival of his baby. He had passed the time marvelling over the craftiness of words. He passed the time conjuring up a definition of happiness. He passed time pondering the origin of his misfortune. It was this tendency that had shaped the path he took in life. All he ever desired were answers, until his penis developed a mind of its own and obscured his idea of fulfillment. Simply and impossibly, what he longed for was love and certainty. Of course, the two couldn’t coexist. Thus was the origin of his predicament; a middle aged physicist who longed to have all the answers, not able to understand how to incorporate a love child into his lifestyle. He wondered if he would love the child, careful not to think too loudly, afraid that his thoughts might discourage his baby’s development. It seemed likely, by default. What else could you do with a love child? Before he was able to acknowledge the arrival of his own flesh and blood, a screeching, frightened, shivering baby was placed in his lap. How unfair it must be to be thrust into a world you didn’t ever choose to be a part of. Soon after that thought; there were none. For once in his life, Stefan didn’t ponder origin, or anything for that matter. Instead, he noticed the slight slant along the bridge of the baby’s tiny nose. He knew he would love this baby. And there it was- epic and momentous in its entirety- love and certainty. Surely, he thought, this must be the pinnacle of his life.

The End

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