Just a little bit of fluff for Claire & Mohinder, and their unborn child. Written by myself and MohinderSuresh.

Mohinder could have sworn he’d heard -something- and after quietly searching the house, elephant statue in hand in case, he peeked into his bedroom to find Claire looking out the window… singing to her slowly growing stomach. In that instant, his heart melted and there wasn’t a sweeter sound in the world. Not even angels could have sang more heavenly. Eyes fighting back tears of joy, he made his way over behind her to wrap arms around and pet her stomach. “You’re my angel.”


Claire had always loved singing, and while she was no prodigy at it, she liked the sound of her own voice. Though her own mother had never sung to her that she could remember, it was something Claire had wanted to do for her own daughter, and it had become second nature to sing to her, especially when the trials of pregnancy wouldn’t let her sleep. It’d never occurred to her that Mohinder would ever hear her doing so, but as she heard his quiet footsteps, she didn’t stop her little tune, but rather waited for him to join her. Placing her hands over his as he rubbed her belly, she turned her head to kiss his cheek.

“A fallen angel, perhaps,” she said softly after the little French song was finished, “but yours nonetheless. Gladly yours.” Laying her head back against his chest, she reached up and ran a hand through his hair, taking in the scent of him and the peace of the moment.

The End

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