The man hovered on the ceiling, his hands and feet the only things holding him up. Concealed by the shadows it was hard to make out any details except for a head covered in a thick, coarse mop of hair and a hunched body crouching in the corner between the right wall and the ceiling. I didn’t dare move an inch in case he noticed I was awake, although I suspected that he probably already knew.

My body stayed rigid on the bed, my eyes glued to the man, making sure I didn’t miss even the most minuscule movement. Thoughts then began to whir in my head. Who was this man? Why was he in my room? How was he squatting on my ceiling? Simple, obvious thoughts that didn’t appear until my mind registered that this was, most certainly, not a normal situation. My breathing became laboured at the potential menace of this thing in my room.

That was when he looked. His head tilted back to reveal a sallow countenance, befit with sunken eyes surrounded by jet black circles and full, stout lips as black as night. His dark eyes seemed to sparkle in the shadows and he slowly began to creep closer and closer to the foot of my bed. His eyes captivated me as he moved, hypnotising my rigid body into an eerie tranquillity; my muscles relaxed, my breathing slowed.

He crawled and slithered until he reached the edge of the duvet. One hand reached up to grip the bedpost, another tangled it’s fingers in the bed sheets, another ran through his hair; another stretched towards my leg.

The cold talons of his hand left warm tingles in their wake, as he moved his hand further and further up my body until it came to rest on my stomach. The rest of his body then followed, painstakingly slowly, hands pushing him towards me on the bed. He made sure none of his skin came into contact with mine, except for the firm hand still resting on my stomach, so the felt cloth of his clothes chaffed and rubbed against me.

Soon, his face was level with mine. I stared into those fascinating eyes, losing myself in a world of lakes and forests, skies and seas. I continued to gaze into his black holes until he lowered his mouth to my ear.

“Ssspiidermaan,” he hissed gently.

And then his whole being engulfed me. I was powerless to protest as his arms and legs wrapped around me and his body seemed to surround me. My eyes rolled back into the back of my head. My breathing slowed. My heartbeat ceased.

The End

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