Dad’s drunk again. Its only been a week since Luke healed my bruises and already dad has gotten drunk again. Not only did he get drunk, he has added some new bruises to my face, how could he?  I mean, I knew he would get drunk again sometime, but so soon? I just can’t take it!
As I left the house to get more clay for the urn the neighbors want I closed and locked the door behind me. Dad was out cold from his drinking last night, and a drunk passed out on a bench probably wouldn’t deter any possible thieves. I wonder if dad would have gotten drunk again so fast if Luke had continued to be present constantly in my life. Oh well, there isn’t anything he could have done about it, no use wondering about it. I just miss him so much. He has only been gone a week, but I already miss him. I wonder how he is doing up at the castle. I would visit him during one of his lessons from Ian, but I have so much work to do, I have to support dad, and my self, even if it means paying for his drink, which, for him, comes before food.
After I got the clay, I went to some other stores to pick up food for tonight’s dinner, then headed back home. Once I got inside I noticed dad was still out on the bench. Strange, he is usually up and in the taverns by now…maybe I should wake him up…it can’t be healthy to sleep so long. So I went over to him when I noticed something. His chest isn’t moving. NO! I shook him “WAKE UP DAD! START BREATHING!” I shook him and shook him and shook him, but it didn’t do any good, he was dead. NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! He can’t be dead! I heard a cough. Then another, then dad started to breathe again.
“Aaaah! My side!” He screamed, then passed out, he kept on breathing, but blood started to trickle from between his lips. OH NO! What can I do? Something is wrong with him! Then I thought of Luke, and the fact that, till last night, I didn’t have any bruises because he had healed me. Maybe he could do the same for dad! I had to try, so I ran up to the castle. It was still morning, so Luke would probably be at weapon’s practice. So I ran up to the weapon field. There he was with a full longbow, pulling it all the way back, and releasing it to let the arrow fly strait to the bull’s eye. “LUKE!” I shouted across the field. He saw the look on my face, dropped his bow, and came running to me.
“What’s wrong?” He asked, concern written all over his face.
“I think dad is dying. Please come and help him! Please!” I asked desperately.
He immediately responded, he yelled to his instructor that he was done for today, that he had urgent business elsewhere, then picked me up and ran with me all the way to my house where dad was still bleeding, but a puddle of blood had collected beneath the bench. Luke put took dad’s hand in his and then his eyes glazed over. After a little while a whole bunch of alcohol mixed with blood came spurting out his mouth then all blood flow from his mouth stopped and his breathing eased. Then Luke started to blink rapidly and his breathing increased. “I did what I could, there was a huge alcohol build up in his liver and it caused huge amounts of damage to it, I am not experienced enough to repair that kind of damage, I can barely close up shallow cuts. I stopped his bleeding, took away his pain, and cleansed the alcohol from his liver, however, if he as anymore alcohol whatsoever, he will probably die.” Said Luke seriously.
“Oh thank you Luke!” I said, and started to cry. He immediately pulled me up to his chest and enfolded me in his strong arms and held me there for a long time. Then Dad woke up.
Even in his semi-drunk state he realized that Luke was here to take care of me. “Now, you two go have fun,” he said, his words slightly slurred, “I’ll…take care of business…”
“Dad, you can’t have anymore alcohol, it will kill you! See that blood on the floor? That’s yours!” I said.
“Whaaa? Oh! Di-did that come from me? What happened?” Dad asked, confused.
“It came from your mouth, while you were out, Luke came and saved you! But if you have anymore alcohol it could very well kill you. So please! Don’t have anymore!” I pleaded with him.
“Ok, whatever.” Dad waved it off as if nothing special had happened.
“Please dad, for me, please don’t have any more alcohol!” I nearly screamed at him.
“Alright, alright! I won’t have anymore, now go have fun with your boy.” He waved me off. There was nothing else I could do, so I went back to the castle with Luke and had lunch with him. As Luke had his lesson with Ian I got more and more anxious for my father. Luke noticed. When the lesson was over he took me down to my house, at the door I heard no sound. When we went in we found my father lying over the work table with a bottle of whiskey clutched in his cold fingers. He was dead. Luke immediately took one of his hands and his eyes glazed over. Sweat beaded on his for head, but my father did not wake up or start to breathe. Eventually, Luke started to breathe quicker, and he started to blink. Still dad didn’t start to breathe.
Luke looked at me, his green eyes full of sorrow. “I am so sorry Emily. I did every thing I know how; I just can’t bring him back to life.” I started to cry and Luke came up close to me, hesitant to hug me, not knowing whether I wanted it or not. I leaned against him, and he put his arms around me, and that is the way we stayed for a long time. Eventually, Luke guided me up to the castle and we sat on a bench there as I cried on his shoulder and he stroked my hair.
A couple of hours after the light was leached from the sky, to go who-knows-where, Mathias appeared and saw us, Luke told him about what had happened, and he left to get my father’s body for burial; leaving me and Luke alone again. The garden slowly started to fade around me until, eventually; I fell into the nothingness of dreamless sleep.
When I woke up again I was in Luke’s bed and Luke was sitting next to me, he looked somewhat drained. The way he did after healing my bruises, or when he healed dad. Dad, he’s dead. I started to cry again, Luke sat on the bed beside me, put his head in my lap, and began to lightly stroke my hair. After a while, I ran out of tears to cry and Luke went to the bathroom. When he came back, he had a damp cloth and he proceeded to clean my face. The cool cloth felt very good against my hot, sore, and puffy eyes. Then he took my hand in his and his breathing slowed as the puffiness in my eyes lessened to nothing. “We should probably go to breakfast,” Luke said smiling soothingly at me. I nodded and sat up. Luke picked up a hair brush off the bed-side table and proceeded to tame my hair, which was in a mess from sleeping. Once my hair was under control I got up and we went off to the kitchen to have breakfast.
“Oh! You’ve brought your girl back with you have you?” a pleasantly large woman with messy graying hair exclaimed happily when she saw us, “Isn’t she just adorable!”
“Emily, this is Sarah the head cook, Sarah, this is Emily, my best friend,” Luke introduced us.
Sarah quickly bustled around the kitchen, taking a pie here, some cheese there, until she had scrounged up a breakfast for us. Then she sat us around a kitchen table and gave set up a big breakfast for two. Once done with this task she left us together to eat in peace.
Once we had finished with breakfast we got up, and I thought we would be headed for Luke’s weapons practice, but Luke looked like he had other ideas. “They are holding your dad’s funeral, if you want to go…” he trailed off uncomfortably. Oh, that was what he had on mind.
“Yes, I suppose I will go. Please come with me though.” I said, pleadingly.
“Well of course I’ll come with you! The only reason I wouldn’t come with you is if you asked me not to.” Said Luke very seriously.
So Luke led me to the castle graveyard. There was a small gathering of people there, there was a judge, Mathias, and now Luke and I. The Judge said a few words over Dad’s dead body and then they put him into a coffin, and lowered the coffin into a freshly dug hole in the ground. After the ceremony Luke was given the day off, so we went back to my house. “You know, if you want to, you can stay with me, at least until they find you a room near mine.” Luke offered as my house came into view, “we can take whatever you want from your house and bring it up to the castle, and then lock up the house incase you want to use it later.”
“Really? You mean it?” He actually wanted me around? Even after he saw what an emotional wreck I’ve been lately? Even though what little prospect I had is now gone? Oh, I love Luke so much.
“Of course I mean it!” Luke said smiling, then he pulled me close, “I love you so much, I can’t stand the thought of you living alone, about the things people might do if they knew that you were living alone,” I felt a shiver run through his body, and an answering one run down mine, “so I want you to come live at the castle, where I can keep you close at hand.” I hugged him harder, he gave me a little squeeze then released me, “all right, let’s go get your stuff then head up to the castle.” He said; trying to sound cheerful.
Luke followed me around as I picked out my belongings and other things I wanted to bring with me. Once I had made a pile of the things I wanted to take up to the castle with me, Luke produced a big pack and proceeded to carefully pack my few belongings into it. Once that was finished I locked up the house and we started off down the well-trodden dirt road up to the castle; I didn’t even spare the house a backwards glance as I left it behind.

The End

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