Emily and I went off to the garden to enjoy the rest of the morning together. When we got to our bench we found Mathias waiting there for us. “I have something very important to tell you two,” he gravely, “I would have told you this before if I had known you were going to spend your free-time in the city I would have told you then, as it is I don’t think you have compromised your self…”
“Get to the point Mathias, please! I want to spend some time with Emily!” I whined jokingly.
“Oh, alright I was just getting that anyways,” Mathias said, rather grudgingly, “I was just going to tell you that neither you nor Emily should ever tell anyone what you are doing at the castle, or that you are the crown prince, or that there even is a crown prince. We have very carefully kept the secret of your existence to ourselves Luke; there are many people who, if they knew, would try to kill the crown prince. So for both Emily’s and your safety, don’t let anyone know what you are doing here, or who you really are.”
Just that moment, there was a large bustle at the main gate. Mathias looked up, “That must be Ian, out to find the world’s savior again.” Said Mathias, rolling his eyes.
“Who is Ian?” I asked; my curiosity piqued.
“Some stranger who claims to come from across the sea; not that anyone believes him,” replied Mathias, “and I suppose now you must meet him too, ah well, I’ll introduce you two to him I suppose.”
“Thank you Mathias!” Emily and I exclaimed in unison. We’ve been doing that a lot lately. But I didn’t forget Mathias’s earlier comment about not spreading word of who I am around; I don’t know why someone would want to kill me, but better safe than sorry I suppose.
Then we were at the gate and there was a strangely dressed man at just coming through it. His dress wasn’t the only strange part of him either, He had flaming red hair, not many have hair like that, no sir, and his skin was very, very pale. I had never seen anyone like him before.
The strange man spotted us and hurried quickly over. “Ah, I see you have brought new people Mathias, do you perhaps think one of them might be the one then?” he said in a strange lilting accent I have never heard before or since
“Ach, I see ye brought two more wee young’uns fer me tay see eh?”
“You know I don’t believe in that stupidity Ian. The world doesn’t need saving, it’s doing just fine the way it is; and even if it did need saving how could you and some magical healer do it all alone?” snarled Mathias.
“Ah, alone we certainly will not be, the lad or lass will bring his bonnie lover along fer the ride, or so the prophecy says.” Said the man who was apparently called Ian, “Ach, it could even be this pair here! Neither of you two happen to have the ability to heal wounds at will do ye? Or mebbe take away pain?”  How did he know? Neither Emily not I have ever told anyone about my ability, not even Mathias knows!
“Shut your big fat mouth Ian! I don’t want you poisoning the minds of these children!” Mathias growled angrily.
I looked at Emily, she had the same shocked look on her face as must be showing on mine. “Ah! Ya do have the ability to take away pain then? Or perhaps ya know someone who does?” Exclaimed Ian excitedly, “This really is important ya know, if you know someone who can take away pain, then tell them to come to me…” at this point Mathias started to herd us away from Ian, “…tell them that isn’t all they can do! If they get the right training they can heal almost any wound!” he shouted after us, “Think of all they can do! I’ll be around the castle!” Then we were out of earshot.
“Don’t you two pay attention to him…he is just some crazy foreigner who claims he is going to save the world.” Mathias said to us, though there was no way he is going to keep me from talking to Ian again…how could he possibly know unless what he said was true and it really was a prophecy. When Mathias left us alone again Emily and I looked at each other and then headed back to talk to Ian.
“Back so soon are ye my pretties? Might you be wanting more information afore tellin’ yer friends then?” Said Ian when he saw us.
“No, sir, I am the one I believe you are looking for, uh…can I really heal people’s wounds completely too?” I asked.
“Ah, you be him then? It’s a test I’ll be doin then if you’ll allow it.” He said taking out a knife. I immediately pushed Emily behind me and started to edge backwards, “not on ye laddie, on meself.” Ian said with a grin, and he lightly cut his arm, “can ye take the pain o’ this away lad?” He asked, so I carefully edged toward him, took the cut arm in my hands, and took his pain away. As I felt the slight transfer of energy, I saw Ian’s eyes widen, “I never thought I would actually see the day! I have finally done it! I have found the healer!” Ian turned to Emily, “An’ you must be ‘is sweet heart then?” He asked of her.
Emily blushed, “Well…yes,” she said somewhat awkwardly.
“You have great things prophesied about you.” Ian stated simply, “and you laddie, if you train with me, then I guarantee that you will be able to heal anything from the bruises on yer girlie’s face…” Emily blushed heavily at this last statement, “…to an arrow through the heart…if you get to the man quick enough that is.” He said as my eyes grew wide.
“Can I start today?” I asked.
“Mebbe after lunch boyo. Right about now I could use a bit o’food in me stomach.” Said Ian, laughing heartily, happy to find me an eager student.
All of us hurried through lunch, and then Ian took Emily and I up an hallway that looked like it hadn’t been used or cleaned in about a century. Then up an even less used-looking stairway and through a creaky door, into a room full of pictures of things that had the shape of humans…kind of…but they didn’t have the same features, some were covered in red strips, others looked like…uh-oh, those were skeletons, I had seen a couple of those at a grave sight once. Others had what I assumed were guts, at least, I think they were, they looked kind of like the guts of a slaughtered sheep I had seen at the butchers once. “These,” said Ian indicating the pictures, “are pictures of different parts of the human body. Over there is a picture of muscles and the way they are arranged in the human body; over there is a picture of a human skeleton; and there is a picture of the organs of the human body.”  Said Ian.
“Alright boy, for your first lesson, I am going to teach you how to make a bruise disappear, it is simple enough that you may even be able to heal yer girlie by the end o’ the lesson!”
I listened and tried my hardest to understand every thing he said. I didn’t get every thing about how the blood clotted, but I think I got enough. Eventually ian said I was ready to “probe.” What probing is, basically, is getting a feel of the injury(s) and seeing how they are formed and where you can heal them. Emily’s bruises were just a build up of blood from popped blood vessels, the newer ones were easy to treat, because the blood hadn’t hardened yet, so all I had to do was “push” the blood back into the blood vessels and speed up the healing process of the blood vessels. The older bruises however, were harder to heal, because the blood had hardened, so I didn’t know what to do with it. Eventually I got an idea, blood carried life right? So what if I broke it down into small enough pieces that Emily’s body could just absorb it? It worked very well, and in the process I learned that the body is made up of many different tiny little pieces, that each had their own energy maker, and that the pieces that were the same gathered together into groups, and that groups that were similar gathered together to make organs like the heart, lungs and skin.
When I withdrew my consciousness back to my body Emily was starting wide-eyed at her hands and other places where bruises used to be, but had just disappeared. “Thank you!” she said, throwing herself into my arms. This was definitely a good thing, for once, Emily doesn’t have any bruises. WAIT A SECOND! She really doesn’t have bruises! I held her at arms length, “Let me get a good look at you without any bruises!” I said happily; for the first time that I can remember, Emily had absolutely no bruises to mar her beautiful features. WOW! She is beautiful! Her brown eyes sparkling, her wavy, brown hair in a pony tail, coming down her back, her skin smooth and unblemished. WOW! When I had finished memorizing her features, I pulled her back into a big hug.
After a little bit Ian grunted, “Alright laddie, yer lesson’s over now, ya best be takin’ yer girl home now, afore her father misses her. Emily and I stared at each other in shock, we had completely forgotten about her poor father!
After a quick thank you and a promise that I would be here tomorrow, we were off to Emily’s house again. When we finally got there her father was at work on a set of bowls and plates. He was just putting a glaze on them, and they were very beautifully made. “Ah, you two youngsters are back!” he exclaimed, then squinted at Emily, “something is different about you,” he said, “but I am not quite sure what it is.” Whew, he didn’t recognize that all Emily’s bruises are gone! That would have been hard to explain away. I hugged her one more time, then I left her with her father to get to my next lesson.

The End

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