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“NOOOOOOO! I WON’T GO!” I screamed, “They can’t just take me away from Emily! I’ll die!” I’m fifteen! They can’t make me do anything!

“I’m really sorry Luke, there isn’t anything I can do about it, I’m just a soldier in the king’s service, when the king orders something I have to do it, it isn’t my choice.” Replied Mathias sadly, “I wouldn’t be doing this if I had a choice.”

I ran out the door, slamming it behind me. How could they do this to me? Didn’t they care that my life is here? If my father were still alive he would have stopped them. Arathan, that was his name, I don’t remember much about him. But I like to imagine he was a lot like Mathias, only with more power, no one could make my father do something he didn’t want to; and of course, being his son, I, Luke, would never be made to go to the stupid castle either.

Out of breath, I finally stopped to take in a lung-full of the smoky air. Smoky? There were only a few places in town that were so smoky! I must have been so busy thinking about dad that I forgot to think about where I was going! There is Emily’s doorstep! She must have just got the kiln running then, and that being the case, her father will either be passed out, or somewhere else cause he hates all the smoke from the kiln. Right, inside to tell Emily about this…this stupidity. I paused at the door frame, the chipped and much used door still closed. How will I tell her? Well, I suppose I’ll Just say it, I can’t think of any other way; and then maybe she’ll spend the rest of the day with me! That would be fun, it would be better if I weren’t going to the stupid castle to be a stupid crown prince though. Ugh.

    The door opened with out even a creek! Emily must have just oiled it. There she is with her back to me. Man, she was so pretty! Her black, wavy hair tied up to keep it from catching on fire from the intense heat of the kiln. Alright, so she is a little on the small side…I like her that way; you got a problem with it? Man, she is just so pretty! \

    I tiptoed as quietly as I could behind her as she hummed tunelessly to herself, her voice had that soft melodic tone to it, it was just right. As soon as I got behind her…”BOO!” and I grabbed her and pulled her back as I said it to both add to the surprise and keep her from hurting herself.

Emily screamed “You scared me! When did you come in?”

“Just now,” I laughed, then suddenly sober, “I have something to tell you.”

“What is it?” I asked. Wonder what it is that he would come so early in the morning to tell me, I hope it isn’t bad.

“I-I,” he tried again after wetting his lips, “I’m being taken up to the-the castle.”
“Up to the castle? How fun! You will tell me what there is up there when you get back right? I always wanted to know what it was like in the castle!” I said as cheerfully as I could manage. Was he planning on going on a trip to the castle without me? Or maybe Luke is planning on taking me with him! I smiled at the idea, but then I saw the desolate look on his handsome face. “What’s wrong? You look like Mathias just died or something!”

“I won’t be coming back for a long time; they’re taking me up there to live and be trained to take my place as the stupid crown prince.” Luke said miserably.

WHAT! My mind took a few minutes to process that information. He wasn’t coming back? Would I ever see him again? How could they do this to us? “I-I” I was still too much in shock to say much else. How could I live without Luke? Suddenly, I just couldn’t take it anymore. I collapsed into his arms, crying. And that’s the way we stayed for a while. Eventually he patted me on the back and when I looked up his eyes were all red and puffy too. He had been crying? He was the strong one though! He had always been the one to be there for me. Even that first night, so long ago when we first met; my dad had dragged me away and beaten me. He had come to me and asked if I needed help. He had taken me to his house and he and Mathias had bandaged me. Luke had always been there, the strong and steady force in my life. Now he was leaving.”

“I—I have to go,” he stuttered, “I’ll visit, I promise. As often as I can.”

Well that’s better than never seeing him, and maybe I can visit him every once in a while. “Alright, just promise me you won’t forget me, or find some other girl up in the palace.”

He brought his dark eyes up to meet mine. “I will never, ever replace you.” He said, so serious I couldn’t help but believe him. And with that he was gone.

The End

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