Luke: American Boy.Mature

A solo story for Luke, my character from Paranormal

“Could we at least get inside before you give me ultimatum?” I stalled: I wasn’t sure how much to tell them and how much not to. My family wasn’t what you’d call close but we did worry about one another.

Mother rolled her eyes and gestured for me to walk ahead of her. Vanessa was babbling away about all the clothes she’d bought while I was away. Oh speaking of my being away…

“I know you threatened to leave without me but I didn’t think you would actually leave. You’re such a pig, Luke! I was screaming you name for ages and walked all around the car park for hours. Then some old lunatic said he saw a boy matching you description, which was tall and big-headed by the way, pick a topaz up off the ground and then you disappeared. Of course he was old and loony but still even for a weirdo that was a ridiculous story. A topaz, I ask you? Please,” Vanessa snorted, “Get real.”

I raised an eyebrow condescendingly at her and smirked. She glared at me. “What are you grinning at? You had both mum and I freaked and all you can do is grin?!” Vanessa snapped.

“Luke, don’t wind up your sister like that. We were very worried,” Mother chastened me sternly, “Now, tell us what happened? And don’t mess us about.” It was my turn to roll my eyes. I’d heard the words thousands of times before.

I reached into my pocket and dropped the topaz onto the kitchen table. Mother and Vanessa stared at it, gaping.

“Still think it was a ridiculous story made up by an old lunatic?” I asked them. They just continued to stare at the stone. It wasn’t until I picked it back up they shifted their gaze to me. Both of them had wide eyes. I slumped into a chair.

“Can I have a coffee? I’m dead tired. Fighting evil, dropping people off all over the world… it wears you down a bit,” I grinned and they continued to stare. I sighed theatrically. “Look, you can’t expect me to look good all the time, you know. There’s no need to stare. I fought a supernatural evil. I know I don’t look great. Geez, thought you had better manners than this,” I stood up and moved to get myself some coffee. Vanessa recovered first, shaking herself literally. Then she stuck her tongue out at me as Mother also shook herself from her reverie.

“Self-absorbed jerk,” Vanessa muttered.

“That’s me,” I agreed.

The End

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