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Finally, Aya made it to the castle with her precious Luke. She had promised his mother that she would make the long journey to Igral Castle in Iglon and assure that Luke got the respectful place he deserved, his father being who he was. And now all she had to do was give the four-year-old Luke into the care of the King, and then she could finally rest. Rest! Yes, that was what she needed now; she was so tired. The events that had forced this long hard journey on her were still fresh in her mind.

The Raid

    Arathan sat bolt upright, what had just woken him up? “To arms! It’s another raid!” Cried the towns watch. Arathan, jumped out of bed, and after looking out the window he said, “Take care of Luke, they have already gotten past the front gate, it looks like they will overrun us this time, go to Igral Castle, and my father should take you in. And take my ring as proof of who you are.” He told Ellu, his wife. Then, pulling on his clothes and sword he stumbled into the kitchen and then out the door to repel the raiders. The door slammed behind him and that was the end.
    “Aya,” she shouted “get Luke while I pack!” and then got started frantically throwing things into a leather satchel. Aya entered with the toddler. Looking out the window she said, “A house has caught on fire! The Raiders must have made it past the defenses!”
“Leave the rest, just leave” shouted Ellu.
Just as they were preparing to exit, a raider burst in. Ellu slipped into the room with Luke and Aya. “Promise me you will take good care of Luke until you get to the castle and give him to the kings care.” 
“But will you not travel with us my lady?” Aya asked.
“I cannot, there is a raider in the house; I will hold him off while you escape. Now, promise me!” Ellu said.
“But my lady,” Aya stammered.
“Promise me!” Ellu demanded with that stubborn set to her jaw that brooked no arguing.
Aya heaved a great sigh “I promise my lady.” She replied.
“Good.” Ellu gave her the ring, took a dagger from the wall, and left the room.
Aya gathered up their belongings and left through the back door. Creeping through the burning houses and dead bodies of both raiders and townspeople she and the toddler made their escape.

Almost There
Finally, only one more day of walking and Aya should make it to the city. “I don’t think I can make it” she thought, as she got up to get the rest of the cheese a kindly villager had given them the day before, to give to Luke. One step after another, maybe, just maybe, she could do it, for Luke, for his mother. She had promised Ellu she would get Luke to the castle; and now, after three years of travel she would finally get Luke to the castle like she said she would. After the six-year-old had eaten the last of the food, they began to go toward the road again. After a bit of walking on the road, a kindly farmer offered them a ride in his cart. Aya accepted it with much gratitude; she had no idea how they would have gotten past the guards otherwise with the state that they were in. At last! They were in the city!
Now, after a long journey, they were finally here, at the door to Igral Castle. She couldn’t just march in looking like this though. Both she and Luke’s clothes were torn and filthy; she had to get them some new clothes before the guards would let her in.
    The market was just opening for the day when they got there. It was still quiet, and the smell of baking bread made her mouth water. No, she had just enough money left from the journey to buy some better clothes; she could wait till they got to the castle to eat. She turned to the whimpering boy at her side “I know that you are hungry, but soon we will be at the castle, we’ll find some food there.” Luke was unconvinced, but he followed her all the same. So they went to the clothing shops to find something clean and sturdy that would fit. The first shopkeeper that saw them was quick to shoo them away. The next one was kinder, but his prices were far too high, for them to be able to afford. The third shop keeper had high prices, but Aya found a pair a pair of breeches that fit Luke, and she managed to lower the price so as to make them affordable. The next person they went to took pity on the boy and gave him a shirt for free, and Aya bought a dress for herself. The clothes they had gotten were coarse, but they were unsoiled and well-made. Now they were ready to enter the castle.


“Who enters the castle of the king?” asked the guard.
“The son of the lost prince Arathan.” replied Aya.
“Let us see your proof!”
Aya showed them the ring that had been given as proof of Luke’s identity. “Stay here” said the guard, astounded and wondering how this old lady could have gotten a hold of the royal seal, and he ran into the castle.
 A few minutes later he returned; “Come in,” he said “the king is waiting!” So they followed the guard through different chambers. The entrance had slits on the roof, and they had tar stains on them. Shuddering, Ellu hurried past them. The next room had a huge fireplace, and Luke pulled on her skirt and pointed, “Look at that fireplace Aya! It’s so big!” It was also surrounded by some very comfortable looking chairs. Still, they followed the guard deeper into the castle. Finally they entered the throne room; with the king in his throne. “Who are you that you dare claim to be my grandson!” demanded the king.
“I am Aya, Luke’s nurse, Luke is the son of Arathan, and here is Arathan’s ring as proof!”
“Why is Arathan not here to present it to me?”
“He died protecting his son and wife and I.”
“Then why is his wife not here?”
“She died giving her son and me a chance to escape.”
“Well, this is Arathan’s ring, and your boy does look like Arathan,” said the king with a sudden change in attitude “You may stay. Take the boy to Mathias; he will take care of him. Take the woman to a guest room; and make sure that both are fed and cared for.”
    One of the guards took Luke through a winding series of passages, which ended up in the mess hall of the garrison. There he was made to sit down next to a tall, handsome, and well-muscled man. “This little one is yours now Mathias,” said the guard “he is supposedly the king’s grandson so treat him well. Feed him, teach him, and house him; that is your job now.”
 Turning to face Luke Mathias said “So, are you hungry?”
Luke nodded vigorously. So Mathias got up and sliced him a large portion of meat off of a huge hunk of juicy meat, which was on a spit over the nearby cook-fire. Then he took some bread and cheese and gave all of this to Luke. This put Luke in an awful condition, he couldn’t hold and eat all of it at once, so where to start? Finally, Luke decided to put the cheese on the bread and eat that, once finished with that, he would move on to the meat.
“Slow down!” said Mathias, “you’ll hurt yourself!” With a black look in the direction of Mathias, Luke grudgingly slowed his pace to a normal rate.
Once Luke was finished Mathias took him to his house in the Gilolthel, for that is the name of the city under the castle of Igral. There Mathias taught Luke reading, writing, and arithmetic. There Mathias watched Luke grow and mature, soon he had friends in the city. By the time Luke was 10 he was in had a group of friends his age. He would rove around the city with them; some times they would cause trouble, other times, they would harmlessly play around, or gather clams at the river Gloruin, which was a short walk away from Gilolthel. One day after raiding a butcher’s shop for some sausages the butcher chased them grimy roads until, wheezing and out of breath, he caught sight of one of the villains. “Emily, your father will hear of this!” He shouted after them.


The next day, a mean looking drunk tottered toward the group. “Blast you Emily! How dare you let the fire go out in the kiln! Now we won’t get the bloody pots fired till tonight!”
“I already fired them this morning Pa.” Emily replied hastily.
“How dare you talk back girl! Now get over here” he shouted angrily. A short, dusky skinned girl, with dark hair stepped up to him. The drunk then proceeded to beat her. “Hey! Stop it!” Luke said starting toward the man who was beating Emily; but a friend held him back.
“He’ll only beat you too, let her be.” Said the friend; and after a short struggle Luke gave in.
 Everyone but Luke then dispersed on to their own business. When the drunk finished beating Emily, he left her on the street, bruised and crying. “Do you need some help?” Luke asked as he approached her.
“Please, I don’t think that I can get up by myself.” Emily replied.
“I’m gunna take you to my house, Mathias knows a lot about fixing people up, so he can help you.” Luke said as he helped her up.
“Ok, I guess, just don’t take me back to my house yet; at least not until dad has had a chance to calm down a bit or he might beat me again.” Emily replied with a grimace.
“That was your dad?”
“He get’s drunk every day now. Ever since my mother died giving birth to me he has blamed me for her death, and so he beats me whenever he gets the chance.”
“I’m so sorry,” Luke said sorrow evident in his face, “my mother died when I was just a toddler, and my father died that same day. We were attacked by raiders and only my nanny and I survived the attack; my nanny died after the long journey here. So I was given to a Mathias to be taken care of.”
Emily lifted her beautiful brown eyes to look him in the face “I am so sorry, I had no idea that you were so badly off!”
“Mathias is a pretty nice guy; he had a family of his own before his wife died giving birth to his second son, and his first son died in a raid. So now he treats me as if I were his own son. He really isn’t that bad once you get to know him.”
“Well, at least you have someone who loves you to take care of you then.”
“You could come live with us, I’m sure Mathias wouldn’t mind a daughter.”
“My father needs me though, and I love him whether or not he loves me back.”
“If you want to go back I won’t stop you; but first you have to come and let Mathias fix you up.”
“Alright, that, at least, I can do so long as you are willing to help me to get to your house.”  
“Let’s get moving then!” Luke said
When the bedraggled pair finally reached Luke’s house, they were more than a little worn out.
“Ho! Look what the cat dragged in!” exclaimed Mathias “who’s the lass Luke?”
“Her name is Emily, and she needs you to fix her up.” Luke replied
“Well that much is obvious.” Suddenly changing his tone to a much kinder one Mathias continued “Come here little one, I’ll fix you up as well as I can.”
“So Luke, what happened here?” Mathias asked conversationally.
“Her father was drunk and so he beat her for contradicting him, you should ask Emily, she probably knows better then I do.”
“Ok, Emily, what happened to you?”
“Well,” she replied “my father was drunk this morning and he saw that I had let the fire go out in the kiln, so he came to find and punish me because he couldn’t fire the pots. When I told him; Ouch! That hurt!”
“You told him that hurt?” Mathias asked
“No! I told him that I had already fired the pots today, so he got mad at me for talking back to him and beat me; I think that he was just missing my mother and needed some one to take out the pain of her loss on, and I was the only one available.”
“I’m sorry to hear that, would you like to stay with us? I can keep him from ever beating you ever again.” Said Mathias sympathetically.
“No, I love him even for all he does, and he cannot survive without my help, so I have to stay with him.”
“I guess that is your choice.” Said Mathias with a sigh.
When Mathias was finished he made some tea and they sat down and talked for a while. “I had better leave soon, my father will miss me and he hates it when I come home late.” Said Emily after it had started to get dark.
“Ok, I’ll take you home.” Said Luke. So they started off toward her house. About half way there Emily collapsed, yelping with pain from her injuries, and she started to cry. “Oh Emily how can I take you home to a drunken father who treats you so badly while you are in a condition like this?” Luke demanded in frustration. “Just stay at our house for the night and give your bruises a time to heal; please I am begging you!”
“I don’t think I can move from here, it hurts to much to move.” Replied Emily.
“I just wish that your pain would go away!” Luke said reaching a hand to help her up.
Luke yelped and Emily made a strange noise of surprise and amazement “The pain is gone!” she exclaimed, “What did you do?”
“I-I don’t know, I just was going to help you up, and when I touched you I felt a zap, and then you said your pain was gone! But your wounds are still not healed, so you should still stay the night at our house. Come on I’ll take you back, you can have my bed, and I’ll sleep on the floor. I could fall asleep right here.”
Still dazed from the lack of pain Emily got up and followed him back to Mathias’s house. Where Luke put her in his bed, and as soon as her head hit the pillow she slept. She woke the next morning to the smell of roasting meat. “Mmffh.”
“Welcome back to the world of the living princess.” Said Mathias.
As she sat up a plate was thrust in front of her “Eat up, you look like you haven’t eaten in ages.” Luke told her.
“Well, dad can rarely afford much after he has bought his beer.” Emily replied sleepily. Emily then proceeded to eat the meat and cheese on the plate. “I had better get home, or my dad will beat me again!” Emily exclaimed, and stumbled hastily out the door, pausing only to say goodbye at the door.
“Wait!” Luke shouted, “You haven’t fully healed yet! Let me help you.” So they walked to Emily’s house together. When they finally got there they found her father was still asleep due to heavy drinking the night before. Luke helped Emily start a fire, and with some other chores and then left.
The next day he saw her again in the gang as they went out to gather some fish from the nearby Gloruin River. “I see most of your bruises are healing.” Luke commented conversationally.
“Yes and my father never found out about my stay at your house; so I didn’t get beaten as much as I thought I would. Thank you for helping me like that. I know that you had no reason to; you didn’t know me, nor did I know you.”
“It was a pleasure to get to know you, and I hope that I will get to know you better in times to come.”
“Oh, yes,” Emily replied cheerfully, “I would love that!”
They spent the rest of the day talking and fishing.
“Here, take these fish; you need them more than I do” Luke told Emily at the end of the day.
“No, I couldn’t, you caught them so they are yours.”
“But you didn’t catch any Emily! Besides, Mathias will already have dinner ready, at least take two of them.”
“Thanks, I doubt that I would have dinner otherwise. Thank you so much Luke, not just for the fish, but for everything, especially for being my friend, I have never really had a friend before you.”
“I haven’t either, but I can’t see how someone as nice as you has never had any friends before.”  Emily blushed and thanked him, and then Luke walked her home. Her father was asleep when they got there, so Luke helped Emily with her chores and then left for home.
They spent many months together doing much the same thing day after day; they would meet with the gang, and then after going through a day with them, Luke would walk her home and help Emily with her chores, then head home.

Strange Boat

    There is a boat in the harbor. It shouldn’t be there. It is the middle of the storm season, no ships sail during storm season. Luke knew this because Mathias had told him so. Yet the ship was there, in defiance of what Mathias had told him, in defiance of the storm last night; which must have been when it docked. “Who would sail at this time of year?” Luke asked Emily as they passed the ship.

“I have no idea; let’s go ask the harbor master.” She replied wonderingly.

The harbor master was in a wonderful mood when they finally found him. “That ship paid me ten gold coins for his berth!” He exclaimed happily as they passed by the tavern he was sitting outside of.”

“But it’s only one gold coin for a berth…in the summer! In the winter it is only 5 silvers! And that is for a huge warship not a small passenger ship!” Luke exclaimed.

“For a boat like that it should only be one silver! And even that is pushing it in weather like this!” Put in Emily, “you’ve cheated whoever owns the boat.”

“Hey, it’s not my fault that he wouldn’t take any change is it?” said the now slightly offended harbor master.

“What kind of idiot would give you that much just for a harbor? Ten gold pieces are enough to feed a family for almost a year!”  Exclaimed Luke incredulously.

“Some rich foreigner who says he is from across the ocean, he’s probably from Eliroth, I don’t mind though, when someone pays as much as that one you don’t need to know where he is from or where he has been or even why he is here for that matter.”

“Where is he staying?” asked Luke.

“He went up to the castle, said he had an appointment with the king or some such thing, now run along you two, no more questions.”

“See ya mister!” they replied at the same time as they ran to Luke’s house to get the fishing lines in hopes of catching tomorrow’s dinner.

The End

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