Avelbert was now a man without a soul. Day drifted into day. Occupations which he once found to be amusing were now lifeless and dull, and he could find color in nothing.

Rein had been a shining star when she was born. His oldest, she went to college at 16, and was brilliant at tennis. And now, that star had died, leaving a gaping hole in his heart and mind. This hole seemed to have taken away his desire to eat, and for the first time in years he was loosing weight.

In accordance with his wishes his family was staying in Utah; he was the only one who had rejected being part of the Witness Protection Program. He had said he didn't want to feel weighed down, but in reality his true goal was revenge. He would easily have traded all the money he ever made for his daughter's life. Fate, he found, was becoming cruel.

He was not completely without hope, however. Revenge and hate had given his strength and nutrition; blood lust was his wine and the single piece of evidence leading to her murderer, a business card with only GET printed on it all in black, his bread. He found himself stroking it and holding it often; he knew his wife would say he was obsessing over it. But so what if he was? His joy, his life, his daughter, all the same, all taken. He had a new, sole purpose in life.

The End

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