Lucius's Guided tour of Malfoy manor

Hello this is me, Luciussssss! I need a hero I'm holding on for a hero til the end of the night. Have you heard of Malfoy manors?! Well you will now!

If you write more, make it suitable for kids :)

Hell my name is Lucius Malfoy. I'm serious you know. I'm going to show you around el malfoy el manors. Malfoy manors, by the way is my warm home. I have a son called Draco and he has slicked back hair. I'm will go in his room first

"Get out Mr. Malfoy!"  "Now now play nicely Draco." Is  that serious or WHAT!? Draco is soooooooooooo stupid, sorry Draco.  My room is........... Pink :D! It has music playing :) and it's the best room everrrr!  Draco calls me Mr. Malfoy. Do you even know what Malfoy means? It means a sweet pink thing!! yum :p mmmmmmm I love sweeties xD. Becuz they are yummy. Have you heard of Lord Voldemort? Probably not. Muggles don't know about him. I made up a song about him. 1 2 3 4 I said a wella voldemort lightning zooming down the track voldemort lightning go voldy lightning!


The End

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