A GlanceMature

David stood in his 34th floor office, examining his surroundings. His surroundings moved, vibrated with an invisible energy. The fluidity calmed him; it was something that his life lacked. He flopped into his desk chair to ponder. His "trade" deficit was mounting. The  medicinal marijuana suppliers from Colorado began demanding greater profits due to inflation. Recent sales placed business in the negatives. Several seizures of his Middle Eastern opium exports had occurred. Thankfully, since they were on such a small scale, they had been prosecuted locally. To curb suspicions, however, David occupied himself with the task of locating suppliers with more discreet modes of transport (which was often hollowed out cans of Spam.) Because of the setbacks, his heroin production and sales lagged.

David signed and rose from his chair. He wandered about and stopped to snicker at a recent turnover accident on the highway. "Fools." He muttered to himself. Reluctantly, he glanced back at the rather sizable stack of work lying on his desk. He was stressed. Had his work ethic been slipping? Has it raised any suspicion? He thought nervously.

There was a soft knock on the door. As if on cue, David returned to his usual stoic state, responding with a firm but annoyed “yes, Aundrea”.

“Sir?” she questioned, waiting for him to turn toward her. He did not, she continued to press him. “There are several deadlines approaching... The Collins and Mawaer cases...” So they have noticed. David thought as she continued. “... and sir, you have been assigned to the Walker’s case as well...” a pause. “Sir, are you even listening? Si—David!” She demanded “What hell is wrong with you?” She realized her blunder and apologized immediately.  Had been working under his name for 16 months; not once had he as much as said one word to her. Never had he even bothered to face her direction. But now, his chocolate eyes bored into her. She couldn’t bear the arrogance. Aundrea dropped the papers on the floor and stormed out, letting the door slam behind her.

“The gall of that woman”, David remarked with a subtle hatred. And he set off to work on his cases.

The End

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