He easily took up this identity in his secluded hometown. He possesed yet another identity that rapidly became “famous”. Law came naturally to David, as well as the success. Due to the rarity of such young, accomplished professionals, he was sought out for a variety of cases. Along with the popularity, he had strung together another identity, that of the charming Aaron Lyons.

This was a dangerous decision, and David refused to refute that fact. Thrusting himself into the public eye is accompanied by rumors and gossip and investigations. But this risk had its benefits. Such rumors and gossip effectively masked the truth. Idolized as he was, David had forged bonds in high places, ultimately becoming a celebrity. A national icon. After a while his multiple facades became second nature, as if at any moment he would be placed center stage. His identities were developed, solid, and undisturbed. And so they remained. Until the affair began...

The End

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