The EnvelopeMature

Arriving at his apartment that evening, David quickly changed out of his costume and settled on his feathery bed with the letter in hand. Prior to opening it, he examined it, the seal, the markings, the handwriting. He recognized it to be written with a fine calligraphy pen. This letter was genuine. Slowly, he sliced it open, careful not to damage any of the contents. From within, he plucked a pale grey letter, written by the same steady hand. Anxiously, he read the following:

“Dear ‘Emil’, we have been observing you for an extended period of time and we have agreed to recruit you into our little ‘club’. If you release any information on our underground workings to the press, the media, or the government, beware; we will not hesitate to resolve the problem. We have enjoyed your little display as this ‘Emil’ character, and we ask (demand) that you accept this persona as your new identity. Furthermore, you will now function as Liam Hybel, an innocent Leader of a Boy Scout unit. Along with this letter we have provided 520 thousand dollars to purchase a small ranch, which will serve as your new residence as well as our new "trade" hub. Do not disappoint us. Be cautious, abusing this power has its consequences.

Congratulations David, you are the head of the world’s most notorious crime ring. He muttered to himself.

The End

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