Twenty-five. Youth. Rebellion.  Rarely an age that produces prosperous graduates, especially those of prestigious law campuses.  David was one of these rarities. But, as it has been proven, 25 is freedom. Few responsibilities. Knowing this, David took up an innocent and rather “silly” occupation.

Why not? He thought to himself at the time. Go do something you’ve always wanted to try. Work at Disneyworld, it will give you all the money you need for now. So he did. He transformed his daily routine into that of the highly underrated Emil Bleehall. He wandered the park trying to make a name for his character (so that he could actually be found on Google). He greeted people of all ages, seeming to live in this character. He poured all of his emotion, negative and positive into creating this “Emil”.

It was a typical Wednesday.  David followed the typical routine. Although the staff and visitors felt the excessive humidity, they didn’t mind.  David noticed a man in his mid-thirties, studying him intently. He disregarded it coolly and continued his usual work.

He’s probably just some sort of scout, David pondered later that day, one of those people that make sure the employees are on their best behavior. A similar scenario played out for the remainder of the week. As the time progressed, David payed less and less mind to this so called “scout.” 

The man appeared less frequently. However, when he did appear, he seemed like nothing more than an ordinary park fixture. On occasion he even greeted the crowds.

After several months of absence, the man returned, but with air of determination and secrecy about him. David cheerily shouted:

“Howdy sir would you like to sponsor our Adventurers Club?” as he was accustomed to doing. Accepting this as some sort of cryptic code, the man slipped David a crisp envelope. As soon as the document was hidden the man left, wordlessly.

The End

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