Life in a law firm is fairly ordinary. Or so it seems. When identities collide and affairs conflict with business, nothing is certain.

The equally spaced chandeliers cast eerie, but warm shadows across the room. They stared at each other motionless. She held tightly to the envelope in her hands, letting a tear trail down her cheek.  He smiled, gently caressing her lip with his index finger. He traced the delicate outline of her face. He kissed her. First slowly, then passionately. Trembling, she shoved him away. She was terrified. Then a silent rustle; metal against some luxurious fabric. Aaron tauntingly waved a pistol in the air between them, casually resting it against his temple. He laughed, releasing a suppressed tear.

"In life," he whispered cynically, "I’ve had one vice..." Another laugh. "loving you." 

The End

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