Let's Get This Snake Buisness Out Of The WayMature

        Let me set the record straight for all time. I am not, nor was I ever, a snake. At least not in the sense that is now universally accepted. Science was never intended to confuse minds, but leave it to mankind to screw this up as well. Simplicity was never mankind's forte. A thousand years from now, I guarantee it, they'll be debating whether or not the three little bears actually existed and could talk. But, I'm getting ahead of myself here. I want to make one thing clear before I get into the details of what actually happened. I'm in this mess, too. I'd be greatly amiss if I didn't use all of my powers to try and sort things out and set things straight. And since I seem to be the only one doing anything about it, I think I deserve to be heard out. And, if after my account you judge me to be a pessimistic, negative yarn-spinner, well, that's okay. I've been accused of a lot worse.


The End

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