Lucifer's Angel part VII

"You murderer!" he shriehed, "You killed her...You killed my mother!"

The old man turned again and looked him directly in the eye. "And so I did" he said calmly, happily, "What are you going to do about it, boy?"

The old man gave a deep gutteral laugh and banged the door hard.


Kier sat up on his bed, nearly wheezing fron the memory. He waited till his breath calmed down, and he stood up. He was seventeen now, emancipated, living alone i one of the biggest metropolitan cities in the world. But he still had trouble forgetting thoe cruel, clouded blue eyes which could mock him at will. True, he couldn't have done anything that day, but he wasn't the same hepless boy anymore.

 He was so much more that a normal helpless human.

"Sleep, Kurt Descartes" he breathed to himself, "Sleep,  it is better than having me bay for your blood. You need the peace. WE need the peace. The last nail had been driven into your coffin...Don' fight it...sleep."

Almost a lullaby, almost a prayer, sung to lull the man he hated the most into a deep slumber. He epitomised an angel that night - he loved the one who hated him.

The End

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