Lucifer's Angel part III

Another man came up to his mother. He was much younger than the other older man. He looked like he was about thirty. On seeing him, his mother cried all over again. This man hugged his mother, and softly consoled her. When he looked at the boy, the boy saw kindness and helplessness in his eyes.

The man had blond hair, but very unlike the boy’s. It was almost brown. He had deep, piercing blue eyes, and he was tall and strong, very much like the boy’s dead father.

‘I can’t take it, Peter!’ his mother shrieked once, and nearly ran out of the house without one look back. The boy suddenly realized that this was the man his mother had married, not the old creep. The man turned to the boy, and saw his fearful eyes.

‘So what’s your name?’ he asked, sitting next to him, ‘Mine’s Peter.’

‘My name is Michael-Kier Doronin,’ the boy replied, ‘But my mother sometimes just calls me Kier.’

‘Now Kier’ the man continued, ‘I’m very upset at what my uncle said right now, but I have to listen to him. You should always listen to your elders, shouldn’t you?’

The boy nodded, and the man smiled.

‘I have two boys, about the same age as you’ he said, ‘A daughter too, but I haven’t seen her in the longest time.’ The man had a dreamy look in his eyes, and the boy guessed that maybe he was missing them.‘So’ the man got up, ‘Do you want to live with your Gram? And later, when you are old enough, you could go to the same boarding school as my boys.’

‘I would like that very much, sir’ the boy replied. He would never want to live with that old, cruel man.

‘Good’ the kind stepfather smiled again ‘Now, how about I drop you at your Gram’s?’


The scene went black, and the boy tossed again in his bed. And then, another fragment of his memory resurfaced.

The End

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