Lucifer: His Side(a story in progress)Mature

Lucifers side of his fall from grace.

I was not at first an adversery of my creater, i was though, the adversery of the human race. You're Christian book has even mentioned this (well, the old stories that were taken out of what you read today). How can my creator, my God, create such waste? Angels were supreme being next to God! So how would he create such a low being as you're selves and command us holy angels to bow before you? to worship you? I would not, even to this day, bow to you, but, you have bowed to me. With little ticks, i have made you followers of my ideas. Do I hate God, well, let's just say we don't see eye to eye.

 That day when he created Adam and Lilith, yes, Lilith, Adams first wife, another tid bit of information you're modern book does not speak of, he wanted us supreme Angels to bow before them. I refused as did a legion of other Angels. "Lucifer! Bow before my most perfect creation!"

"I will not! These creatures are beneath me and the other Angels of my kind! This will be an a abomintaion! You hear these words, these are from from perfect! They will destroy the very planet that you created. I will not! How dare you make these things in you'rs and our image! These creatures are not beautiful, but monster!"

God, then comanded Micheal to cast me out, but a great battle was to be held, unfortunatly my legion were over powered by the mindless followers of God. Angels that were weak minded as God made them so. But God soon seen that his creatures were not as perfect for he gave them a mind and Lilith soon left Adam to raom alone, never to be second to a man's authority.

The End

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