Lucifer - better known as the Devil - is a Fallen Angel and leader of Demons. But that was quite a while ago. Now he's the father of two, a married man, and his own boss. But the Demons want him to be their leader again. What the hell's he supposed to do?


In the beginning, there was nothing. God created Heaven and Earth. After a while, there were trees and animals that lived on great expanses of land, surrounded by water. All was well.

There was a Garden. It held every kind of animal that roamed outside its walls and all the trees that all creatures took cover under. Of the Garden's dust, a man was created. The very first of his kind.

God named this man Adam. He told him that he could eat of any tree and of any bush, but one. He said that there was one tree that, if he ate from it, would surely kill him. Adam accepted this without question. He promised never to eat of the Tree of Good an Evil.

Adam named all the creatures - the cattle that grazed, the eagle that flew and the salmon that swum. While doing this, he wished for help, for someone to speak with other than God and His Angels.

Learning of the man's wishes, God created for him a deep sleep that he would not wake from on his own. When Adam had succumbed to this sleep, He took one of the ribs and formed it into a creature that would live with Adam. On that day, He created a woman.

After He awoke Adam, He gave unto him the woman that had been named Eve. Together they were happy, despite their nakedness - of which either of them was ashamed.

One day, a serpent came to Eve and asked her of God's orders. She told the serpent that He had told them not to eat of the Tree in the middle of the garden. The serpent heard this and told Eve that she would not die if she ate the fruit, but she would become like God, with the knowledge of Good and Evil.

Eve wondered if the serpent spoke the truth and disobeyed God, taking the fruit from the Tree and eating it.

That... That was the day that man fell. They fell from the graces of God and He cast them from the Garden. The Angels chased them with swords that flamed with their anger and love.

That day was the day that I realised the truth: God was weak and fearful. It took a while, but I finally had a plan to overthrow Him. I even had a few Angels on my side. But we weren't Angels after that. We rose against Him and were defeated by the sheer numbers. We would have won if there were more of us, and He knew that.

He feared us from that day. He didn't kill us because He couldn't bear to kill His own children, His own creations, no matter how evil they had become. Instead, He threw us from Heaven. And as we Fell, we revelled in laughter at our freedom. We rejoiced at not being tied to pointless rules, having to serve the disobedient humans.

When we Fell, our wings darkened. Our hearts that had been made to hold pure love for mankind, turned cold and black with hatred. At that moment, a shiver ran through the land, and the seas.

The Demons were created and I, Lucifer, was supposed to lead them.

The End

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