Chapter II

The rain fell lightly the next day. A light pitter-patter that in a continuous, mediocre rhythm. The city, or the hive as Joe called it to himself when feeling particularly pessimistic, moved in much the same way as it did every day. Thousands upon thousands of people wandering like worker bees, with the queen bees sat in their offices dictating.

 Joe struggled through the crowds towards his office block. It was slow progress, passing hundreds of people, some working, some shopping and some just loitering. All the bees were feeding the hive in some way; Joe took little notice of anyone unless he had to squeeze past them. He was busy going to earn his own honey.

 Each block looked the same, giant buildings dominating the dull skyline. Each exuding their own shade of grey into the city. Joe took a while to push through but eventually he found himself at work.

 The reception was about as interesting as the outside. White walls, white floors, a white desk with a woman sat talking to someone over the telephone. People in suits meandering with solemn looks on their dull features. Joe was to be joining these people in aspect soon, dull looking and bored. He wandered in slowly, into the elevator. There was another man inside.

 “What floor?” The man said dimly.

 “Twelve.” Joe replied making no attempt at putting any life into his voice.


 There was an awkward silence. Joe shifted a little, he tried to think of something to say, nothing came. He gave up on the idea of making conversation fairly quickly, he didn’t care for the man and vies versa.

 Ten minutes later Joe was at his office. He had nothing to do, he rarely did. He was consigned to a corner and forgotten, like an old toy that a child only played with because he was bored.

 He stared at the window for a while, the rain continued to come down, the hive continued to pulse. The day dragged on for a while and Joe’s mind slowly numbed. Eventually he fell asleep.  

The End

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