Attempt to wake up

    I know I have to be dreaming. Normally I'm one to suck every last bit out of a dream. Once I realize thats what it is. But this time I just felt too unbalanced. I just wanted to wake up and start writing more on my novel. If I was even really writing a novel. I just wanted the world to make sense.

    I never had a problem waking up from a lucid dream. In fact I've always had much more of a problem staying asleep. I had an old trick in mind that always worked in the past. I think to myself, I am sleeping. This is only a dream. I try to remember when I went to sleep. I think of where I really am. Lying comfortably unconscious in my nice warm bed. Before I know it my vision fades black, and surely enough. I awake, in my nice warm bed.

    I get up and look around my room. I look down to see my mickey mouse pajama's. I am just a child... This doesn't feel right. How long have I been sleeping? Is it possible I was dreaming for so long. My mind switched around my dream life. To be perceived as my real life? I cautiously walk to my door. With a childish batman poster hung upon it. I open it slowly and walk out of my room. I find myself in a large basement living room. Basically empty, except there is a fluffy white couch. In front of an old tube television, between the couch and the TV. A Nintendo system, with an unknown cartridge resting on top.

    The room looks and feels darker then my bedroom. The house is silent and empty. I have no idea who else lives here. How can a child forget. His parents existence. Do I have any siblings? I walk over to the system and pick up the cartridge. I actually cannot read what it says. Though I know it says "new world". The art work on the cartridge is fascinating. Images of kings and knights, fighting dragons. Fire, magic, and sorcerers. I grew more and more excited about playing this game. I slid it in the game slot and hit power on the Nintendo. Instantly the TV turns on and the game begins.

    I find myself inside the game. Jumping over tiny dragons and monsters. Slicing up demons with my sword. Now my perspective is shifted back to sitting on the couch. Playing the game with the controller. I try to jump over a pit, but I fall into it and die. I try again and I fall again. I keep trying and failing. I just can't do it. The screen turns black and a regular looking man appears. He begins to insult me.

"You really suck man! You are just terrible at this! Why are you trying? Give up! You are born to lose!"

    My emotions are overrun with tremendous fear. I shouldn't be scared. This man is not intimidating. The fact that he is talking to me through the TV. Isn't even surprising me. It all seems to make sense, but I can't feel a thing but trembling fear. He wont stop yelling at me, even now he continues. I can't even hear what he is saying anymore. I am too blinded by fear. I stop my train of thought, and begin to look at everything with logic. I no longer feel fear. The man is no longer yelling. He looks at me silently. With eyes which appear to be that of my own.

    I know what's going on now. I never really woke up. I look at myself again. I am now wearing regular clothes, and appear to be my full grown self.

What happens in this world, is now up to me.


The End

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