14 year old Rain already has enough drama to deal with, her friend being a inhalant addict.Then whatever happens in her dreams, happens in real life. One night she get's a message in her dream "That to save the world she has finds her missing brother who will have the final answer" She has one year. When people believe she is going insane, she is almost thrown in an insane asylum. Will she be able to save herself and the rest of the world?

December 27, 2999

Heartbeat. Pencil tap. Page flip. Scribble.

That’s what’s happening for everyone during an exam. For me, well, I just stare at the number filled page. Nothing clicks. That’s because math is my enemy, and my mind refused to cooperate with enemies. English, Science, Social Studies, they are all my buddies. Not math.

Glancing at the clock, I scribble a few last answers down, and hand it in hoping for the best.  The sound of the bell rings, signaling our freedom, and I rush out as fast as I can, not wanting to be stopped by my teacher yet again. It’s all in a school day. Getting up early, working for 6 hours, taking a few exams, stressing yourself out, and then going home and doing it all over again the next day.  Then there’s Brooklyn who kind of adds to the drama.

Sure, Brooklyn was my best friend, but let’s just say she’s not exactly the best person out there. Last year she hung out with the wrong group, and they got her hooked on drugs. Inhalence to be exact.  She wasn’t totally addicted, but it was enough to affect her school grades and social life.  She used to be a pretty good student, B’s and A’s, but now it’s mostly D’s and sometimes F’s.  I wanted her to live her normal life again, but it wasn’t happening any time soon.

Snow slowly started to fall as I came off of the bus and walked towards my house, turning to water as it hits my face. They say each and every snowflake is different, but it doesn’t make sense to me. Think of how big the world is, how little snow is. How big the season is, there are millions of snowflakes in your town alone. How can there be that many different ones?

Approaching my house, I take a long look at the scene around me, before turning back and walking in.  

“I’m home!” I called, but I don’t know why because my Mom and Dad were still working and my brother Luke wouldn’t give, he was probably sleeping on the couch anyway. Then I noticed something weird. Luke was nowhere in sight. Not on the couch, not downstairs, not in his room. He couldn’t have possibly stayed for extra help after school- his phone was on the table and he always brings it with him.


No answer.

Walking over to the phone, I dial my mother’s number, my hands shaky.

No answer.

My dads.

No answer.

My brother’s friend.

No answer.

The End

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