Blood, Tears, Truth.Mature

I was somewhere warm, somewhere were everything made sense.

My eyes shot open. I looked up at the ceiling. I then got up. Suddenly I was face to face with Demitri. I focused my eyes on him.

'You, explain NOW!' I yelled. I was determine to know what was going on. The wolf? The blood? The Scythe? I was going to get the answers, and I won't be leaving until I get them.

'Look Lucia, I'm sorry about what you saw..' he started. My eyes followed him as he sat on the sofa, which was opposite the bed. 'You weren't ment to see this, any of this' he continued as he pointed towards the Scythe which now laid on the floor.  I sat down on the bed as I listened to him.

'My purpose in life to kill creatures Lucia' He began. I was shocked my his choice of words.

'What do you mean?' I asked. He got up and walked over to me. Sitting next to me this time.

'Lucia, I'm a slayer'

I continued to stare at him, as if what he was telling me, was a lie.

The End

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