You MonsterMature

Few weeks after the event that had occured in the class room, school restored to it's natural habitat.

By that I mean everyone ignoring me, spreading rumors about me, and just bitching about me in general. But you get used to it, it doesn't really bother you. However, Demitri didn't seem sorry. He too ignored me, just like everyone else had.

Finally the school bell rang. I decided to take the shortcut home, which was walking towards the deep end of the park which led me staright home. As I entered the park, I heard a howl. More like a screech.

I ran towards the screeching. It sounded as if someone, or something was being tortured. I kept running when I suddenly froze. Infront of me, was a dead wolf.

'Lucia..?' said a familiar voice. I looked up. No way. It couldn't be. Demitri? One arms was tucked behind his back and the other help out a blade on a stick. A scythe.

'It's not what it looks like..' he whispered. I bent down, still shocked and leaned forward to examine the wolf. It was dead alright. Around the wolfs neck, was a chain. Attached to the chain was a little red crystal like stone. I took it off and clutched it tightly. I dragged my eyes away from the dead wolf, and focused it on Demitri. I rose up.

'You Monster!' I screamed at him. My arm seemed to have swung forward. Demitri whipped his left arm from behind me and clutched my arm.

'Look, you weren't ment to see any of this, what are you even doing here!' he yelled back.

'Whats your problem if I-' I stopped mid sentence. My eyes caught something on his left arm. Something oozing out from his bruises. Red like liquid ran down his arms. Blood.

I suddenly felt dizzy. My head was pounding. My stomach tightened.  My vision began to blur.

'Lucia?' Demitri said, rather urgently. Right then, everything turned black.

The End

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