He makes his move.Mature

He walked over to me.

It started when I sat down on my desk, after thinking about my mothers death. I was lost in my thoughts; When Demitri came over to me. I hadn't noticed him there, however, when he spoke, I was out of my thoughts.

'Hey, how you doing?' he said in his soft deep voice, which seemed to attract all the other girls in school. This really annoyed me so I ignored him, like I always did.

He took a deep breath and spoke again, this time, there being a more edgyness to his voice.

'I know you don't really like me, but let's have lunch together okay?' he spoke, his arms folded. I didn't speak, I countinued to ignore him. If I knew Demitri, he hated being not answered to. He loved everything his way. He'd probably throw a tantrum, that's what I wanted him to do, so everyone can see how stupid he really was.

He had a temper. And he flipped.

'Look I'm trying to be nice here, Have lunch with me or I'll leave' he yelled. By now everyone was looking. They started whispering.

'Omg, what a bitch, who does she think she is?' they whispered.

I was the kind of girl who kept her cool but today, on mothers death day, I just couldn't do it. I tottaly lost it. I pushed the chair, which slammed against the wall on the otherside of the classroom.

'Get lost Demitri' I whispered coldly. Now everyone was watching me. They were whispering. It was much more louder than a whisper to be honest. Sara, the girl who everyone adores, and would do anything to capture Demitri's attention, came forward, her hand on her hips.

'Look at her, she think she's all that, her parents must be saddo's, just like her. What Lucia, didn't your mother teach you manners?' she said sarcastically. I looked at her. Tears welled up in my eyes. I couldn't take it all in. I was going to crack.

'Lucia..I'm Sor-'

Before Demitri could finish his sentence, I ran out of the classroom and before you knew it, I was out of the school.

For some reason it always ended up like this. He got his way, and I was the one who looked bad.

The End

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