Lucia's StoryMature

This story is about a 16 year old girl; Lucia, who at the age of 4, tragically lost her mother and now lives with her loving father.
However, one day, whilst grieving over her mothers death, she goes to school where the mysterious and good looking, Demitri suddenly follows her around; little does she know about the danger she's getting herself into.

 Life sucks. And boy, do I know how that's like.

It was that day again. That day which I've lived through for 12 years, enduring the pain and suffering from that day. The day, which my lovely, kind-hearted mother died, right infront of my eyes.

I flipped the page after reading, yet another teenage girl rant about how her mother refused to let her wear clothes that revealed her belly button. I got onto the bus, and sat on the seat nearest to the front, next to the window.

'At least they have a mother...' I whispered. I looked out of the window and sighed. School. How I hated school.

Why was life like a rollercoaster to me?

The End

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