Lucia's note

Lucia's note #1

"It might be an illusion."

But she knows that aint deception.

Feeling content and satisfied beside him. She wanted to spell out her feeling: "I-N-C-R-E-D-I-B-L-E!"

Realizing the thrill of being able to be whatever she wanted to be, it was a truly awesome feeling.

She sat and wrote her own passage right next to him, feeling




She figured, "cuz I got him with me,"

"and we both are positively working on our things."

The note from the fortune cookies seems to confirmed her thoughts too.  That was the other night at an Asian restaurant, "Oriental Express". ha.

At the end of the dinner, he showed her the note he got from the fortune cookies. His note was like,

"Stop searching, your happiness is right next to you"

and hers is,
"The heart knows better than the intellectual"

The End

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