Chapter 2 - Team LP!Mature

After what felt like hours, the elevator finally opened on the 69th floor. 'Why you got that horse?' Said a man looking at My Balls in a curious manner. I turned back to him with a serious face and replied, 'What? You expect My Balls to freeze during the cold night out there?' He scurried away into the corner of the elevator. Maybe I should've explained to him My Balls is the horses name... Oh well, no time for that! 'Where've you been Lucah? You cut it pretty close!' Said a woman. Her name was Donna. Donnabellez to be precise. Donna was my wing man. Wing giiirrrrlll? Wing girl! Donna was my wing girl! She works side by side with me whether we're going through the crappy paperwork or working on an interview. 'Cutting it close? Just like all my first dates!' I Replied. 'Heh,' She smirked but then a little downtrodden mumbled, 'Just like all my first dates you mean...' I give her a 'Hard day at the office?' look and she nods. She doesn't let that stuff usually get to her but I guess that you need a guy to support you on hard days like this one has apparently been. 'Anyways, you're on in two minutes. The guys are waiting for you'. I run towards the studio and throw her a 'Thanks!' back with a big grin.

Like most of them, the side of the studio was dark and kinda smelly too. There were people holding light stands focusing on their jobs and two men stood beside them that I knew very well. 'Just in time!' Breathed Tyler. 'Yeah, we thought we'd have to delay the show!' 'What with? I asked. They both stared at each other. 'You don't wanna know the details,' Grimaced Josh. This was Josh and Tyler. Both of them were my good friends too. They four of us all knew each other well. So well it was kinda creepy. Like that one time, with the food in Taco Bell and we all at the same time compared it too... 'Hey! It's not supposed to go at an angle!' Whispered Josh to the man holding the light. 'Yes it is Josh,' Whispered Tyler. 'No, I'm telling you, It's. Not. Supposed. To. Go. At. An Angle!' Came back Josh. However fun this argument may have been to watch, I had to go on for my interview as an over dramatic woman called me on.


Stumbling onto the stage because of the bright light contrast from the darkness at the side of the room, Lucah thanked the woman for letting her on the show. She placed herself on a black shining sofa next to a strange looking girl who she worked with too. It was evident they were two different beings. 'So, you marvellous entertainer you, how have you enjoyed working here?' Asked the bumpy figure. 'Well It's been a year now--'

'OH A FULL YEAR! Let's have a round of applause for that little figure!' Butted in the ghostly looking figure, 'Yes, sorry! Don't let this gorgeous and valumptuous chat show host interrupt you sweetie! Oh, Flurrie can't keep her moth shut for one minute!' The audience piped up with laughter at the chat show host's dizziness. 'Yeah so it's been grea--'

'Oh! That does remind me of a story!' Interrupted the host once more, 'It was about this time I was fighting a goomba with my own two boobs! No mustached man helping me! Nope! Not one bit! Speaking of goomba, let's go to our weather girl!' She looked toward the young girl next to LucahJin. 'So, how does it feel to be a weather girl? Very different to your last job, huh? And speaking of different, does anyone ever insult you because your doing a job which traditionally is done by people who have arms?' The weathergirl turned around with a face redder than Barbie's old laundry. 'You know what?' She started, 'People call me judgemental here but I have no idea why! You know what? I bet people never call you judgemental because you're too dizzy to even get to work! Is that why you sleep here or is it really because you like to flirt with all the men. Man, you seem like a, a, mananaizer! And that hair. Did you mess it up like that on purpose or have you been washing it with a Koopa's--'

It's a good thing that show had been cut then and there.

The End

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