Chapter 1- The City of SuggestivenessMature

On riding the majestic horse back to the workplace, Lucah gazed at the scenery. Nothing she hadn't seen before, but she was still taken aback by the urban beauty. To the North west of the city was the housing estate. That's where Lucah grew up. 'Ah those were the days,' She would think imagining herself as a ten year old playing with her Pikachu figures. She always though it was ashame. People always used to liked to get a charge out of the coolness of Pokémon like Pikachu but nowadays people just want to get wet off each other's...

...Magikarp figures. However, the splash feature was done quite well. Maybe even too well.

To the North east of the city was the beach. Lucah sighed to herself which made My Balls slow down as if to question her well-being. But Lucah patted My Balls gently and said, 'There's nothing wrong.' After all, she didn't sigh out of bore or pain or weariness, but out of longing for the beach and the Summer's Sun on her skin. Of course Lucah loves her job. She couldn't get enough of it! But the golden sun giving out it's warm glow and presenting a beautiful scene would prove irresistible for anyone, no matter how much they loved their job.

As they got closer to the town, they took a quick route through the businesses that were built in that area. This was where Lucah tried to avoid since it was by far the most talked about part of town- and not for good reasons either! One day, someone told her that the shit was so bananas in that area that the last person who went down there couldn't even spell bananas when they came back!

Dodging cars was tough and all but My Balls was a world class horse. Pipes running along the ground were jumped over swiftly and metal fences were avoided with ease. 'This is it My Balls,' Shouted Lucah to My Balls, 'The final stretch.' My Balls nodded and increses it's speed not taking notice of the stares coming from workers who heard the previous sentence. Lucah was right though, only a few minutes away was her work place; 'The LP Industries.' The enoumous silver building stood tall and stiff. It had been said that Lucah herself architected it herself because of this feature. Rumour has it; It was just like all her first dates. Spotless windows reflected the 5 O'clock sunset and the metallic material that the building was made out of allowed the building to cause a cool yet suggestive-looking shadow for all those below it to relax under.

The End

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