This is a Fan Fiction. It contains content from Lucahjin's, Attackingtucan's, Josh Jepson's and Donnabellez's videos as well as a few video game characters. In order to understand a lot of the jokes in this story, I highly suggest you watch their videos on youtube.

The path was brown and dusty trailing out of the village. On it stood a woman named Barbie. She wore a blue (da bu de da bu da) outfit and was walking dizzily up to a grey horse. 'Come on Belle, let's go,' She said, flicking her hair as if she was some sort of model. The horse groaned. Then, all of a sudden, a strong fist came out of no where and impacted into her face followed with a female voice. 'That is not her name!' Came the voice. The woman stood with her hand on the horse. She stood in a strong stance with her honey-coloured ginger hair waving to the pastoral setting around them. She turned to the horse and said gently, 'Let's go My Balls!' The horses face lit up with delight and seemed more than happy to have her best friend ride her once again. The pair rode into the sunset leaving Barbie stood dazedly on the dusty road. Another woman came and placed her hand on her shoulder and said deviously, 'Don't worry Barbie, we'll get her eventually.' Barbie turned to Vagasil and said, 'Who are you?' Vagasil was unimpressed.

The End

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