Loyalists Vs. Patriots

The Revolutionary War is close to starting, and the people are spliting into Loyalists and Patriots. Esther is forced by her father to move on the Patriots' side, whereas the love of her life, Jonas, and his family move to the Loyalists' side. Their country is split up among their sides as they each plan for the war to come. Esther and Jonas find ways to see each other and meet up before the war. But what will happen once the war starts and they have to fight one another 'till the death?

Chapter 1

"My views on this government has to do with staying loyal to Britain, hence the name of the side, the Loyalist," a stubby man said as he wandered around the conference room. His boots squeaked against the wooden floor and his heels made barely audible clicking as he treaded in circles. "I don't see anything wrong with staying with Britain-"


"Give me three reasons why it'd be good to stay with this country," Esther's father interrupted, rising from his chair. The man cleared his throat and started to speak. "For one, Britain is the number one power when it comes to the economy, sir. Number two is we protect the American supplies and products. If we rebel with the Patriots, we won't have any supplies such as food, medicine guns, you name it."


"I strongly disagree with your statement."

"Clement, sit down," Esther's mother, Patricia, whispered, pulling on his white blouse sleeve. The speaker tilted his head to the side. "And why is that, Mr. McKean?" Mr. Clement cleared his throat. "Because everything you're saying is a bunch of crap!" Everyone in the room started to mutter among their families as the speaker stood and glared at Mr. Clement in disbelief and hatred.

"Looks like their's some tension between your dad and my dad," a voice muttered to Esther. She nodded and faced a boy with fine, curly brown hair and slitted sky blue eyes, named Jonas. "It looks like it," Esther laughed. Jonas smiled and grabbed her hand. "Follow me." He stood up and led her outside of the building, onto a nearby bench.

"Look, I have something important to tell you before the war starts," Jonas said looking into Esther's eyes. "I really fancy you, Es, and I want us -"


Esther's father rushed out in a rage, cursing under his breath. "We're going home, Esther," he spoke, grabbing her hand and leading her and her mom towards the direction of their home. She looked back at Jonas with pleading eyes as he watched her get pulled away.


The End

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