Chapter One- Castle LowellMature

May 05, Engile Forest, England, 1258

The horse galloped through the trees, its rider, tall, and had its faced conceled by a cloak. The rider let go of the rein, stood up, and nocked an arrow. The rider aimed the arrow at the man galloping sixty three yards away. The rider took few seconds to aim, and let go of the arrow, sending it flying towards the man. The arrow stuck into the mans shoulder, causing him to lose balance and fall off his horse. As the horse sped away,the man attemped to crawl into the trees, the arrow sticking from  his shoulder. He then felt a tugging at his heel and was then flung forward, being dragged across the dirt road.

The rider held a rope in its hand, on the end, a noose that held tightly around the man's leg. The rider let go of the rope, the man sliding a few feet before stopping on the dirt road. The man coughed and rolled onto his stomach, blood trailing from a huge wound going down his right leg

The End

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